Spring Fitness Challenge Day 2

Water goal: 48 ounces per day

Tea goal: 12-15 ounces per day

I doubt I have to tell you how important water is to our health, I personally don't love drinking water, so I have to get creative. I also tend to eat a lot of my water in fruits and veggies. I like to make detox waters, with fruit and stevia.

You need to make this goal a priority and just decide to get it done, commit to finding a way to get your water everyday! It will help you tell real hunger from signals that you're just thirsty. It will help flush toxins out of your body as you begin releasing stored fat to be used.

Remember that easy wins help us build confidence, so don't dismiss something as being "too easy." Give yourself credit when you do these things! Write them down and check them off, it will help build your confidence and as you become more confident you can take on more challenging things!

If you have yo-yo dieted for years and been recently unsuccessful at losing weight, you may need extra help because your metabolism is most likely impaired. You will need to look at this process as rebuilding a healthy metabolism, because right now its stuck in fat-storing mode. Newport Skinny Tea will help this process because it contains garcinia cambogia which influences the pancreas, cinnamon makes you more sensitive to insulin and dandelion and nettle help your body detox and quiet inflammation.

I’m going to recommend for those facing this particular challenge, if you are over 35 and having a real struggle losing weight or you have eaten a poor diet for a long time, please consider using a shake for 2 meals per day, at breakfast and lunch, this is the one I recommend: Metabolic Reset Shake. It will help diminish hunger and cravings, especially when used with Newport Skinny Tea. This shake in particular will help reset your metabolism and break through a stubborn plateau, but you need to combine it with all the other factors we've been talking about.

Also, start following the bull’s eye diet plan, making each meal follow the formula and trying to find the point at which you are just satisfied. Our goal is to increase water, fiber, nutrients and protein to feel satisfied, remembering too that healthy fat is essential to our bodies.