Stubborn Weight Loss Part 1- How to Change Your Body

I've hear from so many people who just CAN'T lose weight anymore no matter what they try, I know its true, because I've experienced it myself.  I remember working with one client, I'll call her Liza, who was so distraught she was begging for anything that might help her out of the 60 lb weight gain she could not break free from. After a lot of detective work, we figured out that she was very sensitive to wheat/gluten and drinking a significant amount of sugar, even though her calorie count was shockingly low each day. She just couldn't lose weight, she was exercising 5 times a week and completely exhausted. She was having wild sugar cravings because her body was basically starving (I'll explain why in a minute). She was on the edge of losing it, her friend recommended me and she felt like the Newport Skinny Tea program was her last hope!


Through removing the offending allergens in her diet, switching to drinking tea and water plus changing her eating habits to our bull's eye plan, Liza lost 8 pounds in the first week and went on to conquer losing her 60 pound weight gain. More remarkably, her quality of life changed SO much because she was finally free from obsessing about dieting and exercise all the time, she got her energy back and felt alive for the first time in years! That's true wealth! I can't tell you how hearing stories like these makes me feel, its just heart warming!



First I want to say that tea is amazingly anti-inflammatory and full of anti-oxidants that can help turn around a situation like this, and your first step should be to start drinking it immediately at every meal and each time you have a craving, along with more water. You can begin drinking any kind of unsweetened tea you like, if you want the strongest blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients I would start with the Newport Skinny Tea program.


We are finally beginning to find some support from the scientific and medical communities about why people are not losing weight when they are keeping their calorie count low and exercising, because for years they have told us that is all you would need to do to lose weight. However there is much more to this story... it starts with Chronic Inflammation.



Chronic inflammation is a factor in weight gain because repeated exposure to certain foods (especially man-altered foods like HFCS, GMO foods, trans fats or wheat that has been modified) multiple times a day increases our bodies reaction to that food, our body starts treating the food as an invader that it needs to defend itself against and begins trapping that food in excess water to dilute the threat it poses to our body and storing that food and water away in fat tissue (Hello, Cellulite?). This "Fight" pattern the body is trapped in raises the bodies cortisol levels and begins a cycle of internal inflammation. 


This  explains how you can go on a diet and lose 8 pounds in a week, if you remove the  offending foods, your body can begin getting rid of all that extra water it has trapped in the tissues. There are other factors that go into the extra water weight you carry as well, more on these subjects later...


Chronic Inflammation in the digestive tract means that the intestines are not absorbing the nutrients they need, they are flushing them out of the body or trapping them in your tissues. You may have noticed that whenever you eat a certain food you are sensitive to, you gain a couple pounds of water weight, this is evidence that your body is not digesting and using the nutrients out of that food. This often happens with processed carbs, which can contain all of the mentioned groups above, HFCS, GMO foods and wheat, plus other things like artificial flavor and color and common allergens.  


 Your body then goes into starvation mode, because its not receiving nutrients, and increases its cortisol production even more because it sees that you are in threat of starving. This begins to shut down your fat burning hormones and throws your body into a hormonal downward spiral, and this is where most people begin really looking for solutions to the “problem” they are having of being overweight and nothing working... 


If you want to work on this, start today noticing the foods you eat chronically and at most meals, usually they are one of the top allergenic foods: Wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, fish/shellfish, nuts, peanuts and soybeans.


If you have constant "cravings" for things, that also usually indicates a sensitivity to it. Processed carbs usually contain a mixture of HFCS, wheat and bad oils that are incredibly bad for us as well. You know when you stop eating these foods your body immediately seems to drop a bit of bulk.


Tomorrow I will continue on about how this process continues on to get worse and how you can stop it forever.