Tea & Greens Will Dramatically Kill Your Cravings

Step 1 Eat Soup & Salad before each meal

Eat Vegetables at every meal, snack on vegetables


Vegetables, (insert eye roll) maybe you’ve had a hatful relationship with them your whole life… maybe you just say NO WAY and the only vegetables you eat are French fries and ketchup.


You’re NOT alone.


Ketchup is the most consumed “vegetable” in the United States… it’s true. Vegetables aren’t that easy to prepare, most of the time we find them boring, but they don’t have to be. There are the memories of horribly soggy broccoli or spinach we were forced to eat.


Luckily, we've used our creativity and there are tons of new ways to get those veggies into your body! Tea is sort of a veggie soup.


First of all, I want to encourage you to eat carrots, I know they are touted as high sugar, but they have so many benefits, including nutrients and fiber. They also have an adaptation where they repel negative pests underground, and in your intestines they are equally harmful to negative bacteria.


All Green vegetables will help you in tremendous ways, they will satisfy your hunger in an amazing way. I’m going to encourage you to explore new ways to enjoy them- as a wrapping for tacos, in stir frys, in soups, smoothies or juiced. Zucchini alone has endless ways to be prepared! You don’t need to go overboard on greens, but you do need to provide your body with a wide variety on a consistent basis.


They provide water, fiber and nutrients to your body, which helps every system in your body. Also, usually they replace things like starches and grains, which can have negative impact on your blood sugar. If you eat them before your meal, it stretches out the time you are eating and helps you get fuller faster when the entrée comes. There are many studies now showing that if you consume soup or salad before a meal, you eat less.


But the most important study regarding greens, as I've mentioned before, is that they actually make you have less hunger and cravings, because they are so nutritionally satisfying to your body.


You can find some inspiration on our Clean Eating Pinterest Board.


Below is a recipe for one of my favorite salads, full of delicious veggies!! Enjoy!


I know you can do it, keep going, keep reading, keep learning!!

Jennifer XOXO