The Next Step on Your Weight Loss Map, Turn Here

Many of you have expressed confusion and frustration about what to do to lost those last 10 pounds.
This is why I've spent the last 3 months supplying you with cutting edge nutritional information, it sounds simple, but that simplicity came out of 10s of hours of reading, listening and detecting the most timely nutritional knowledge that is available to me.
I've distilled it all into the Newport Skinny Tea Protocol. It may sound too simple to work, but if you apply the principles you will see a dramatic shift. You have to do the work though, at least 80% of weight loss coming from what you eat, which also includes what you drink!
My goal in doing this is for YOU to feel in control of your body, to really know HOW to eat for your body to lose the cravings, the bloat and get amazing energy that lasts all day, with no crashes.
All Newport Skinny Tea products are designed with these goals in mind! The basis of our program is getting into the daily habit of drinking TEA!
The next component we'll be working on is stress reduction, so get ready to RELAX. Stress plays a major role in weight gain!
We will cover what foods help you to relax, including specific nutrients that will help your cortisol to calm down so your body can unlock your fat stores and start burning them. We will cover daily best practices that help your mind calm down and sleep better at night so your body can feel more energetic during the day. Feeling more relaxed can even help with bloating and cravings! 
Our next Challenge will start April 24th and run through May 6th. It will only be 14 days.
So get ready!!! 
If you want to use the Newport Skinny Tea original system for the Challenge you can buy it now for $1 per day, yes its on sale for $14!!