How Your Mindset Makes the Difference Between Success & Failure

First of all, you are doing a great job.
I keep reminding you how few people really take the time to have goals and work to reach them, its amazing that you are so dedicated, so consistent and so strong.
How did that feel?
Did it feel good? Or did it feel like, well, a lie?
A lot of what we do is from what we believe about ourselves.
What do you believe you are capable of?
When we are doubting our basic capabilities,
someone telling us that we can do ANYTHING
literally just washes over the top of our heads (if we're lucky)
or worse, makes us think "Yeah, right, I'm totally worthless!"
Reinforcing the negative belief we have.
So, today look for the way
uphold your beliefs about yourself.
Sounds lame?
Well, if you actually do it, you will be surprised.
Whatever beliefs you hold about yourself your brain (ego)
is actively looking to reinforce with proof....
that's why affirmations, when done repeatedly, work, and
when you tell yourself something negative, its just a negative affirmation!
When you tell yourself over and over again
"I Don't MATTER."
"I will never lose weight"
"I am a failure"
"NObody loves me"
Because its too painful for your brain (ego) to be wrong,
you decide that you have to be right and you go out seeking proof. (Hello, self sabotage anyone?)
It's backwards, because your subconscious doesn't really understand that the statement is not "right", but
that's besides the point.
This happens to the degree that when someone gives you a compliment that goes against what you've decided is true, your brain (ego) feels uncomfortable... and you decide they are lying, they have an ulterior motive, etc.
Watch your thoughts today,
watch what you tell yourself about your limitations...
That is what is standing in your way and you have the power to change them!
Jennifer XOXO
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