Our 21 day teatox challenge & using green tea more everyday

We're having a 21 day teatox challenge on our Pinterest board, find it here: Newport Skinny Tea 21 day teatox Challenge. You can follow along with us, everyday we have three pins: Mind, Body & Nutrition, plus there are some bonuses that are meant to keep you on track, develop easy & healthy new habits one day at a time.

Below is Day 3s Nutrition pin and a recipe you can use to incorporate Newport Skinny Tea or green tea into your diet on a more consistent basis. As we've mentioned on our blog before, tea boosts metabolism and tastes great with zero calories, you really can't beat the health enhancing qualities that it has. What most people don't think about is that tea can be used as an ingredient in a lot of cooking and drinks to give enhanced flavor and it still continues to give all of its benefits, even if its not brewed. Here's a recipe to use tea in a smoothie, but the possibilities are really endless, you can use tea to flavor all sorts of food.


You can also actually take the leaves of any tea after you have used it to brew tea and incorporate them into blended drinks, smoothies, marinades or other sauces as well. If you use the tea first, it will not have as much caffeine as unused tea leaves. Using tea to flavor salad, vegetables, as a meat rub and also in desserts are just a few ways you can incorporate this amazing ingredient into your every day life, start thinking about tea in a new way!