H&LBC Day 4: Abs Breathing

Day 4: Balloon Breathing

Here's another easy way to get hot, yes it sounds weird and it is a bit weird to begin with, but if you're like me, then its helpful to have some things you can do with your hands and/or mouth to keep them from snacking while you're relaxing. So its easy to keep a stash of balloons around and do it for a couple minutes while watching TV or reading, and it really does help to develop the transverse Abdominis muscles, also it helps exercise the neck muscles which keep them from wrinkling and sagging.

Here's some instructions borrowed from Cranky Fitness:

1. Purchase a pack of mixed balloons (some easy to blow up and some more challenging

2. Start with an easy balloon and stand in front of a mirror ideally just before bedtime when lung capacity is at its peak 

3. Hold your elbows up level with your face as you inflate the balloon... and be sure to take a moment while staring at your reflection to realize you look like an absolute dorkbasket.

4. Once your balloon is blown up, let the air escape, and repeat ten times.

5.  Take a three-minute break if you start to feel dizzy. Go slowly at first, work up to more as you get stronger.

6. Blow up balloons on alternate days (using a new balloon each day), adding two more inflations each time until you reach 20. Then it's 20 inflations every other day to keep your belly flat. Calculate how many balloons you will be inflating in your lifetime, call your broker, and purchase stock in a balloon company.

Important Health Warning! Not suitable for people with high blood pressure, hernias, stomach ulcers or lower back problems.  And I ain't even gonna mess with this one because I don't want you to hurt yourselves.