Exact first steps to take to lose weight

Craving food and your favorite treats all the time make losing weight seem like torture.  Finding a new cupcake place at every place you go is not helping you either. You should know however, that these cravings are normally a cause of dehydration, emotional problems, bad diet, or nutritional problems. If you feel like you just cannot stop eating junk food, I'm going to outline the first four steps you should concentrate on, before you jump into an extreme diet and exercise plan.  

1. Drink Lots of Water and Tea

Start by being honest with yourself, are you drinking enough fluid everyday? You’ve heard this before, but consuming a substantial amount of water (and yes tea does count towards this total) throughout the day will help you control your yearning for food because most of the time when you feel hungry, it is actually the thirst which creates the feeling of hunger, which most people misinterpret. The body can therefore signal you to eat something and you end up eating more than what your body requires. But sometimes we need another flavor in our mouth to satiate our pleasure center so we can move on from thinking about food. That’s where drinking tea makes a huge difference, it can deliver flavor, antioxidants and enough caffeine to make you feel energized. So eventually you get bored of water and start wanting food, try iced or hot tea first and see if the flavor is enough to satisfy you, you can add lemon or stevia, but skip the dairy!

2. Embrace your Feelings

You may have seen many people eating ice-cream or just stuffing themselves with food when they are stressed or don’t feel good. If you are trying to disconnect with your feelings, your brain may make you crave food when you feel upset, and you end up gaining weight. Often we are afraid to acknowledge feelings we are having, because we are conditioned to feel we must act on those feelings and are afraid to or that something will happen if we actually acknowledge our feelings or loneliness or despair. A key technique that comes from John Gray, author of What I can feel I can heal, is saying “I feel…” and just expressing your emotions to yourself before you turn to food for comfort. Emotional eating is usually subtle, so watch for a feeling of overwhelm followed by a sudden urge to eat something.  When you simply acknowledge your feeling, then you feel it and let it go, you can experience freedom from those overwhelming urges. You can also combine this with a walk outdoors or a bath, and it can relax you enough to let your feelings come out.  It seems so simple, but give it a try, everyone who I have recommended this technique to has completely eliminated their emotional eating!

3. Drink Tea instead of coffee

Drinking tea will help you put off your cravings as well. We know you are thinking that you already drink loads of coffee, but no, you need to put down the cups of coffee and substitute it with tea. Coffee has lots of caffeine that is not good for your health, but green tea offers so many advantages that will not only help you eliminate your craving for food all the time, but it will also help you lose weight and give you better health. Try a combo of tea with some a few nuts and you will be feeling refreshed and full all the time. Tea also doesn’t raise your cortisol levels like coffee does, so it helps you relax as well. Drinking coffee all day keeps cortisol levels high all day, which ultimately increases your abdominal fat storage. Excess fat actually produces hormones that make you hungrier and so a horrible cycle of gaining weight is initiated and many people find their cravings increase when they try to drink coffee instead of eating. Drink tea to break this cycle and slowly your abdominal fat will being to diminish along with your cravings.

4. Get Proper Sleep

Lack of sleep can also lead to increase in your appetite and you can tend to crave junk food. That’s just how your body works, because without sleep your body feels tired and overproduces hormones that make you eat, making you have less willpower. Hence, getting proper sleep will aid you in lessening your desire for a late night Cheesecake factory meal that leaves a hole in your pocket apart from leaving tons of calories in your body.
These steps will help you begin to get cravings for junk food under control, remember one step at a time. Once you feel better you can begin to make additional changes to your diet and exercise patterns and achieving your health and weight loss goals will become an inevitable reality instead of something you just wish for each day as you reach for the late-night chips!
To your health & happiness