Ultimate Green Smoothie Weight Loss Guide

Using more greens in your diet can help increase your satisfaction and make you less hungry. I recommend increasing your vegetables before removing foods you don't like. Green smoothies, soups and salads are the easiest way to do that.
Putting greens into green smoothies makes it easier to get them into your body on a consistent basis.
Here are some tips to making sure they are helping you reach your weight loss goal, instead of being a saboteur.
1. They should include more greens than fruit
Work up to it if you can't start off that way
If you drink them often, rotate your greens to avoid build up
Dandelion greens are detoxifying
Romaine lettuce can be a nice change
2. They should include a lot of fiber
Kale has more fiber than spinach
Raspberries, Blackberries & Pears are the fruit fiber winners
Chia seeds have an amazing 5.5 grams per Tablespoon
Flaxseeds contain 3.8 per Two Tablespoons plus fatty acids
Hemp protein powder has 7-13 grams per 1/2 cup plus fatty acids
3. They should include protein and fat
Hemp protein powder contains all essential amino acids
Hemp and coconut milk contain healthy fats
Unsweetened almond milk can be creamy and delicious
Kefir has probiotics that can aid weight loss
4. They should stay low glycemic
Learn to add stevia or like them less sweet
Use lemon, lime or grapefruit juice
Use non-traditional ingredients like Pumpkin or Cinnamon
Don't add too much sweet fruit like banana
Sometimes I like to eat mine out of a bowl with a spoon so it feels like soup, because I get sick of drinking so much.
Also, you can use tea as a base liquid if you like, I have found it takes a bit more trial and error to get tea to taste delicious in a green smoothie.
The more you give your body the nutrition it is wanting, the more your cravings will start to go away! The more balanced you get with your eating, giving your body enough protein and enough fat, your appetite will start to diminish!
Keep going, I know you can do it!!

Jennifer XOXO 
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