Negative Calorie Foods Can Help Jump Start Weight Loss

Negative Calorie foods are foods that appear to provide less calories to the body than it takes to digest them, therefore creating a calorie deficit. There are also many spices that belong to this list. These foods also provide vitamins, minerals, fiber and water plus volume. So, we can see why they are such valuable additions to a healthy weight loss diet.
In addition, they also provide these benefits:
increase your overall energy
boost your metabolism, helping fat-burning vs. fat-storage

control the appetite reducing your hunger

are gentle diuretics, eliminating excess water from your body

stabilize your blood-sugar levels, making you less hangry

improve your digestion and cleanse the colon

cleanse your liver so it can burn fat more efficiently

have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body

lower your blood cholesterol levels

promote an increased mental focus and clarity

lower stress, anxiety and depression

help you get a sound, restful sleep
rejuvenate your skin, make your hair shinier, strengthen your nails
These foods fit easily into the meal prep plan I've provided before, and you can see why its essential that you incorporate large amounts of these delicious foods into your daily diet. Aim for 2-3 pounds per day!