Change Up Your Family Get Toegther

When it comes to holiday together time, it can be tough to be the voice of change.
We all love traditional food and sometimes it feels good to just relax.
If you want to commit yourself to changing your life, it IS going to affect the people around you.
They can like it, or not. Honestly, you will be doing them a huge favor if you get them moving more.
We, as a nation, are dying from SITTING too much.
So, don't feel bad when you decide to round up all the kids to build a snowman, or ask everyone there to go on a walk in the cold or organize a family touch football game in the mud.
You are doing something great for the people you love.
Bring some tea along as well, and maybe a game like twister or Wii dance.
Anything is better than nothing and it can be really fun!