I Can't Believe This Just Happened!

I got the notification this morning that over 100,000 people read my blog!!
In the world of blogs, honestly,I know its not huge, but to me, its HUGE. I just really can't believe it, I'm so grateful, and honored. Thank you so much!!!
This got me thinking, there is a Universal Law called the Law of Relativity, I'm forever reminding my daughter Sasha that what you compare yourself to MATTERS! To YOUR brain! (Before you doze off, let me tell you why you should care.)
She likes to compare herself to Simone Biles in terms of gymnastics, and I do think its great she has role models like Simone to look up to, however, if she compares her gymnastics to where Simone is now, what happens?
She finds herself not as good in comparison. Your brain counts that as a loss.
Minus 1 YOU bro! Extend that out for weeks, months or even years... ugh. There's not much fun in that, there's no dopamine release, either.
Many people I know are type-A competitive people (the opposite of me) and they LOVE to use this sort of measure to motivate themselves.
What I see happen all the time, and what the Law predicts, is that the constant losing the brain is experiencing is tallying leaves them deflated, exhausted and usually depressed. Who wants to constantly lose, its painful! So they give up.
Winning is relative, even in a race, coming in 1st is not relative. Your brain wants WINS, it counts them all day long. You have the ability to control that. Wow!
Maybe this is what our moms meant when they would tell us to "look at the bright side?"
If you are comparing yourself to any standard you will never hit, your brain is tallying LOSSES. It's counting you as a loser.
I know it sounds weird, but try it, make a long list of easy stuff to get done over the next couple days- I mean as LONG as you can.... take shower, eat banana, watch TV, throw away trash and then, here's the magic, CHECK THEM OFF. WIN! Like really go for it.
If I had started my blog comparing myself to the New York Times or Deepak Chopra or the Huffington Post, I don't think I ever would have started it. I know that my expertise has value and is concentrated in an area many people really need help, but still I probably would have been too overwhelmed to ever start writing anything. How would it ever be good enough?
Instead I wrote blogs to my friends, on subjects they were struggling with, and to myself and once clients started reading, their questions. And honestly, I love it, I would write it if no one was reading it.
My message to you is, wherever you are in your journey to wellness, start small, compare yourself to you yesterday, or make a list of easy wins. Show yourself you can do everything you set your mind to, and pretty soon you will be amazed at how far you've come!
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