Sleep Hacks to Help Your Fat Burning Hormones

I bet you short change yourself on sleep just like I do...
But it is a really bad idea!
Not getting enough sleep leads to all sorts of problems, especially a hormone imbalance that makes you feel very hungry all the time!
Did you ever notice that when you are chronically under-sleeping that you are also chronically stuffing your face?
Its because you have an imbalance in your hormonal cascade.
Also, you feel less like exercising or even being motivated to move at all.
In Winter we are programmed to move less anyways, we are genetically programmed to store more fat for the cold.
Some medical doctors  even say that if they had to chose between an extra hour of sleep and getting up to workout, they would chose sleep...
There are a 3 powerful hacks that can replenish your sleep deficit in a short amount of time.
The first is hypnosis, you can listen to a recording and in approximately 12-18 minutes receive the restorative properties of 3 hours of sleep.
The second is meditation, a 20 minute session can equal a full hour of sleep for your mind.
The third is intermittent fasting, where you don't eat for approximately 18 hours of the day. Most people stop eating at 7pm and then skip breakfast and eat again at lunch.
You can tame your hunger pangs by having Bulletproof coffee and/or tea such as Newport Skinny Tea or bone broth.
Using these three powerful techniques together can synergistically improve your alertness, help you feel rested and balance your hormones so you use stored fat better and feel like exercising more.

To your health & Happiness


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