Transofrm Yourself with a 2 Hour At-Home Spa Break

You might be wishing for a spa day like I am... but finding yourself short on time.
You can get a spa-like feeling in under 2 hours, so when you have a date or party coming up so you can feel totally refreshed.
Get Your Bathroom Ready
Do a 5 minute bathroom cleaning & light a candle or incense, put pretty towels out
Make sure you have your favorite robe, slippers and a bath pillow handy
Set up some spa music or grab a book you've been wanting to read
Get out any essential oils, masks, bath salts and lotions you plan on using
If you use an essential oil diffuser, set that up now and turn it on
First make yourself a pitcher of detox water.
Boil a pot of water, make yourself a cup of Sunset Beach relaxing tea or Malibu Beach Beauty Tea, or other herbal tea that will hydrate you (you will need more hot water in the next step)
slice up some fruit as well
Spa Prep
Use the boiling water to make a facial steam, place Newport Skinny Tea facial steam or other botanicals in a large bowl of hot water (make sure its not too hot!) plus add some essential oils, then steam your pores for 5 minutes with a towel draped over your head
After steaming, deep clean your skin with your favorite cleanser and a facial brush or washcloth and followed with an exfoliating scrub
Then apply a clay mask, like Newport Skinny Tea facial detox mask, all over face and any other body areas that need detox attention
Apply an oil-based hair mask of your choice and wrap with a hot towel if desired
If you dry brush, now is the time to do that
Ready for your bath
Disrobe and stand in the bath, use a body scrub and some water to scrub your skin, then draw a bath
Add bath salts, like Newport Skinny tea detox bath salts and any essential oils to your bath and relax in the hot water for as long as you like, let all the tension out of your muscles
Wash off your facial mask when it is dry, so it doesn't over dry your skin
This is a great time to think of what you are grateful for, to fill your mind and heart with happiness that will show on your face
If desired use a nail brush to clean your nails and a pumice stone to smooth your feet and knees
Read something inspirational, listen to relaxing music or journal if you feel like it (I love to write in the bathtub...)
Shower off when you are done and give your hair a nice shampoo and conditioning.
Most people are sensitive after scrubs and you should skip shaving now, take extra care not to slip in the tub ,
Final Touches
Use a towel to briskly dry your skin which will bring blood to the surface
Moisturize your face, neck and hands, I especially love using lavender and frankincense oil on my face after a bath 
Apply self tanner and a nice layer of moisturizer or coconut oil to your body
For an extra special touch put some extra thick cream on your feet and wrap them in steaming hot towels while you meditate or stretch
Make sure to drink some extra water after using bath salts