• Balboa Island Anti-Bloat Tea

Balboa Island Anti-Bloat Tea


Our Strongest Tea for Bloat

Aids Digestion and Combats Excess Gas 

Helps Body Detox


Aids Metabolism After Meals

Instructions: Steep 1 Tbsp tea in 1 cup boiling water using an infuser for 3-5 minutes before breakfast & lunch. This tea is most effective drank 30-60 minutes before meals, on an empty stomach , which allows the Garcinia Cambogia to trap excess fat and prohibit it from being stored in your fat cells.
This is loose leaf tea.
Bilberry Tea is a great way to get the benefits of this plant without having to get the berries, helps reduce inflammation in digestive tract
Green Tea is the ultimate metabolism boosting tea, with many medical studies showing proof that green tea does enhance natural metabolic function and increase the rate at which people burn fat for fuel regardless of other factors such as exercise or dietary changes
Yerba Mate is considered a potent metabolism booster, aids in digestion, protects against weight gain by making you feel fuller faster, increases your ability to focus.
Chamomile Flowers natural stimulant and provides energy and polyphenols
Ginger Root  enhances circulation of the blood. Increased blood flow and circulation typically lead to a small increase in body temperature, called the thermogenic effect, which promotes metabolism and burns more calories 
Lemon Verbena: well-known for fighting bloat and enhancing digestion.

Dandelion Root: Powerful detox agent, full of minerals, enhances digestion and helps fight bloating

Stevia adds sweetness without any sugar or impact on blood sugars, helping keep blood sugar stable
Natural Flavor smells & tastes delicious

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