Daily Checklist

Awaken to gratitude, for your body, for your life, for your health, for the earth, tell yourself “I love you” and think of all the wonderful things you can about yourself. If negative thoughts come up, say “I love you anyways” and move on. Remember that you are seeking love, so are all others.

Repeat your personal body goals 5 times in positive, present day tense, “I am amazingly healthy, I feed myself healthy, life-giving fuel, I move in healthy ways, energy flows through me, I am at my perfect weight of…” or any other goals you wish to achieve.

Drink Newport Skinny Tea Daytime upon rising or immediately after your coffee, which can include cream or coconut oil, if desired

Do 15-20 minute HIIT workout

Slowly move breakfast back each day, until you reach 16 hours per day or whatever length of time is comfortable for you. Eating all meals within an 8 hour window, for most its 11am-7pm, this will ensure you are minimizing your insulin exposure

Breakfast: Eat protein & fat in equal measure, include some vegetables  as well, ideal would be omelet with bacon, asparagus tips and spinach. If you can, don’t include any starch or grains in this meal, it will further reduce your insulin exposure for less fat storing. Use enough fat that you are satisfied until lunch, however, it will keep your body from burning your own fat stores, so try to get a balance.

Drink water or iced herbal tea

Wait at least 2 hours after breakfast, drink your second cup of Newport Skinny Tea, if you need another cup of coffee, have it after that. Try to make sure that you are not getting overly hungry from too much caffeine.

Lunch: If you are going to have carbs, this is the meal that you should eat them at. Include a big salad, soup or stir fry of vegetables and meat, include fat and avoid sugar or grains. Having a sweet potato or other starch is not ideal, but if it will keep you from eating refined sugar and grains, go ahead and have a small portion, even better would be a piece of fruit.

Wait at least 2 hours after lunch, drink water or iced tea or coffee. Try your hardest not to snack, remember that each time you snack, you stop your body from burning your own fat stores for fuel. In the beginning, if you are trying to break a sugar habit, you are going to have some bad moments. Have a plan, I find that if I absolutely need something sweet, I can put a small amount of honey on my tongue or in my tea and it will help me break the craving.

Come up with at least 5 things you can do that will change your mood- if you rely on food as an upper when you are down or a soother when you are angry or for energy when you are tired, you are going to constantly be fighting yourself. You need to find alternatives, its absolutely essential.  Here are things that work for me: go walk my dog, rub essential oils on to my wrist, go outside to appreciate my animals and nature, read my list of goals or some of a book I’m reading, consult my tarot cards, spritz my face with toner, chew gum, hold a crystal or listen to music, light a candle or get a hug. I try to rely on things I alone can accomplish, so I am not putting it off on to other people or making them responsible for my feelings. Sometimes I repeat the sacred Hawaiian healing prayer “I’m sorry, thank you, I love you, please forgive me.” Sometimes I practice EFT tapping on myself or journal.

However, we are not perfect, and you will slip up, it is perfectly fine, I want you to know that the quantity of anything you eat matters, so if you take one bite of cake or cookie or whatever, its exponentially better than eating the entire thing. If I am desperately wanting to taste something, usually 1 bite will do, and it won’t send me into a sugar cravings cycle the way having an entire cupcake or something will. All is not lost if you give in, it just slows it down.

Dinner should be more of the same- veggies and meat with fat, you can come up with numerous ways to eat it.

After dinner drink your Newport Skinny tea night blend.

Schedule something that will soothe and fulfill your body after dinner, yoga, a detox bath, self-massage, cuddling, or reading. The goal is to fill up your own cup, to prove to yourself you are lovable, you are enough, you are beautiful and worth caring about.