• Keep Fatigue Away With These Herbal Teas

    After a hard or a busy day, fatigue will wear you down, and you need to rest.  Fatigue is a sign that your body is exhausted and if you don’t sleep, you will have a problem with catching up with your daily life.  At times, you need more than the rest because it may be difficult even to sleep; hence you should get a good body cleanse to do away with any toxins affecting body function.  Most people will take coffee to fight fatigue, but this temporarily takes away the feeling of tiredness but ultimately drains your adrenal glands. Teas are restorative long-term while providing short-term energy, which is why herbal teas are highly recommended as the best in fighting fatigue.

    Herbal teas are an infusion of dried parts of a plant either from the roots, leaves, bark, seed or leaves.  Studies have shown that they are effective for reducing stress and aiding sleep and fight off fatigue much better than coffee or regular tea.  They contain a hydrating element which counters fatigue and concentration which is caused by dehydration, and they increase your energy levels naturally.

    Ginkgo Biloba is an old surviving tree species that is well known to reduce fatigue, enhance oxygen utilization and increase blood flow to the brain hence improving memory retention and concentration.  When you are fatigued, you have high amounts of oxidative stress, so when you take Ginkgo biloba, it protects the adrenal glands, liver from the damaging free radicals. Your energy levels are heightened, and it stimulates the circulatory system.
     Licorice is another herb for restoration and is a well known herb that helps rebuild the damaged adrenal glands. It contains glycyrrhizin which enhances body cortisol activity, hence increasing energy and reducing fatigue. It is also an anti-stress mood booster and stabilizes your blood sugar levels, hence reduce craving for sweet and caffeine, which can cause an “energy crash” when you take them.

    Ginseng is known for resilience and enhancing energy when you have stress related fatigue it increases the body’s ability to handle stress, supports a healthy adrenal function and reduces fatigue.  If you are stressed then taking ginseng tea will help combat depression and reduce fatigue by increasing vitality and improving circulation.

    Green tea is commonly taken for various reasons, but it has benefits in fighting stress-related fatigue, boosting your energy and improving mental focus.  It contains antioxidants called polyphenols that reduce the stress hormone and protects the body against any illness related to fatigue.  It is a healthy alternative to coffee as it contains much less caffeine.

    You can get these teas in most local supermarkets or even order them online. Make sure that you get brands that contain the above herbs so as to get maximum benefits. Eliminate caffeine when fatigued as it will put you in a roller-coaster and embrace herbal teas to keep you refreshed and energized naturally.

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  • How You Can Stop Drinking Soda

    Do you love soda and a day can’t pass without you drinking it?  Many of us are addicted to the irresistible sweetness, fizz and energizing feeling that comes when you take a sip, and you can’t stop having more and more.  It is time you stopped this unhealthy habit and chose a much nutritious drink to benefit your body weight and health.

    Soda is known to have a high-calorie content, which is in the form of sugar, and this leads to high blood sugar content. The sugar is converted to fat in the body because it directly stimulates insulin, and this leads to obesity and with time you get other health problems such as type 2 diabetes, damaged blood vessels, heart diseases. Above all, soda is junk, and you know that to stay healthy you need to stay away from junk

    It is hard to stop at first because you will be going against habit and you will always have that craving for soda. Switching to diet soda is not an option because although it is sugar-free, it will not contribute to cutting down fat and it also has the same health effects like soda. Some studies show diet soda actually increases fat storage and cravings even beyond sugared soda.

    First, you need to identify why you need to stop drinking soda.  You need a strong reason why you are doing away with soda from your diet and what you want to achieve at the end. Determination and commitment are necessary for this journey and always remember why you want to stop every time you get a craving for soda.

    If you used to have more than one soda in a day, wean yourself off slowly by taking one soda a day then reduce the amount per week with sometimes not taking any in a day. You may switch to diet soda but fewer quantities in a day. Weaning yourself off will help in having a sustainable change because your taste buds will adjust to less and less sugar with time.  You may keep track of how much soda you are drinking, and this will help you plan on how to cut back.

     Next is to do away with any soda in your home and replace them with healthier options. Stock up with soda alternatives such as green or black tea, or water.  These are much healthier options which will help hydrate your body without adding calories in your body, and they are not harmful.
    Always carry a water bottle with you to avoid the temptation of buying soda when you feel thirsty. For some, it will be difficult to take the water because it has no taste, but you may sweeten it with a lemon or an orange and a couple drops of stevia if you miss the sweetness of soda. Water is a healthy option that has no calories, and if you continue taking more water, you will develop a water drinking habit.
    It is possible that you may experience withdrawal symptoms when you reduce or stop taking soda, but you will have to persevere. Remember your goal, and with time, these symptoms will go away. Adding Pink Himalayan Salt to your diet can start to replace minerals that soda was leaching from your body and replenish your adrenal glands.
    Vegetable and Bone Broths are restorative and can be drank when the need for soda is strong. Detoxing can also help get any chemicals out of your body and help stop cravings.

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  • Help Your Liver Cleanse And Detox As You Eat

    Your body does have toxins of which some are eliminated naturally by the body, but there are times some aren’t eliminated. The liver, which is responsible for the elimination process, has become overloaded and overworked due to many factors such as stress, processed foods, and other chemicals, hence making it impossible to eliminate toxins and fat in an efficient way. The Liver is the organ most responsible for helping your body burn fat for energy, when it is clogged with toxins, your metabolism suffers.

    You don’t have to struggle to eat to benefit your liver, just add certain foods to your meals that will naturally cleanse the liver and eliminate any toxins from the body.

    Some of these foods include:
    1. Green leafy vegetables.
    Vegetables are essential in our meals, especially green leafy vegetables like lettuces, spinach and kale. Also beneficial is eating cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. Whether eaten raw or cooked, the chlorophyll in them soaks up the toxins in the blood stream and also neutralizes any chemicals and heavy metals.  They also have a compound that reduces inflammation and reduces the risk of getting diseases by offering the liver a protective mechanism. 

    2. Beetroot
    It contains inorganic nitrate, which is good for liver cleansing as it converts to nitric oxide, which is also good for lowering the blood pressure and the functioning of the blood vessel lining.  The red color in beetroots is caused by a chemical called betalains which promote cells structure, repair, and regeneration of the liver and supports detoxification.

    3. Turmeric
    This old spice is loaded with curcumin compound which helps in doing away with the iron overload which is toxic to the liver and spleen. It also reduces bile duct blockage and curbs fibrosis by interfering with the chemical structure involved in the inflammatory process.

    4. Avocados
    They do contain glutathione, and healthy monosaturated fatty acids that will block the absorption of certain fats that cause oxidative damage to the intestines. Avocados help in the cleansing of the liver pathway and cleansing it of harmful toxins.

    5. Garlic
    A small amount of garlic in your food has beneficial benefits to the body and the liver.  It contains flavonoids that help the body to produce glutathione, which is one of the liver antioxidants and helps the body flush out toxins.

    6. Lemons and lime

    They contain an antioxidant called de-limonene and high amounts of vitamin C which help the body transfer toxic material to be absorbed by water. Taking lemon water first thing after you wake up stimulates the liver enzymes to eliminate toxins from the body and fasten sluggish bowel.

    7. Water
    The recommended intake of water is 8 glasses per day so as that the body is hydrated and flushes away any toxins.  Water helps in filtering any waste products in the body through the kidneys, and this makes the liver concentrate on its function. 


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  • 6 Spices Effective For Burning Belly Fat

    Did you know that some of the spices you use at home are very effective in doing away with belly fat and help you get into shape? Belly fat is the most stubborn fat to do away with, even if you are eating well and exercising regularly. I have always added a variety of spices to my meals and drinks so as to increase the flavor and also help burn the stubborn fat.

    Particular spices are meant to quicken your metabolism, have a fat burning capacity and curb your appetite hence help you in your pursuit of losing weight.

    Ginger is one of the common spices that we use in our homes, and it is loaded with potent antioxidants, which help in relieving stomach upsets and also burning fat by speeding up the metabolism. Ginger can be added to soup, salad dressings and in tea for soothing digestion.

    Another good spice is cinnamon which I use on almost everything.  Cinnamon contains antioxidants called polyphenols which improve insulin sensitivity, stabilizes glucose levels in the body and alter body composition.  It also has an excellent source of calcium and fiber, which are good for fastening your metabolism and building muscles. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon to your smoothie to suppress hunger and stabilize blood sugars, and this will lead to a smaller waist. 

    Adding a little hotness to your meals by use of cayenne pepper will also help in burning belly fat. Cayenne has a chemical called capsaicin, which boosts metabolism to burn abdominal fat and reduces your appetite. The recommended amount each day for maximum benefits is taking about 20-30 grams of which you can sprinkle on meat, fish, eggs, salsa or deserts.

    Turmeric is also another great spice that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects in the body. Curcumin which is a phytochemical in turmeric, curbs inflammation in the body and this gives the body's receptiveness to leptin which fastens metabolism. It also helps reduce fat in the liver by assisting the liver to metabolize other fats that have been stored from excess refined carbs and sugar.

    Black pepper is known to aid in digestion, treat multiple stomach problems, increase metabolism and raise body temperature.  It contains a chemical compound known as piperine which prevents the formation of new fat cells i.e. adipogenesis, and it signals the body to produce hydrochloric acid which aids in the digestion of proteins and other foods.  This result to decrease in body fat, waist size, and cholesterol levels.  

    Finally, the mustard seed is another great spice that increases your metabolic rate by about 25% with its effects lasting to about 3 hours in the body.  Mustard has a high fiber content which helps in digestion and makes one feel full for a longer period and has low amounts of calories in them. It has a plant compound called homo brassinolide which stimulates the muscle cells to increase muscle mass and lead body and also has melatonin, which stimulates the “beige fat” which burns fat and helps regulate body weight.

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  • Today is AMAZON PRIME DAY!!

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  • Do You Need An Emotional Detox? What Can Actually Help?

    Toxins in your physical body and your emotional "body" are often linked. I hear often how when someone goes through the detox process, they start feeling a bunch of sad, angry or painful feelings as well. I have also experienced this myself, it is, I feel, imperative to the self-growth path.

    Improved physical states are linked with better emotional health, it seems the opposite may be true as well.

    Research at the University of Pittsburgh shows that when researchers studied 680 women with chest pain found those who held on to feelings of anger were four times more likely to have unhealthy cholesterol levels and higher body mass index than those who did not, both of these factors are linked to heart disease.

    Cleansing your body may bring old emotional scars to the surface, which may be why you overate, self-medicated or indulged in junk food to begin with, to numb the pain.

    Want to find out how to break the cycle and release these toxic emotions?

    The biggest factor in breaking the toxic emotional cycle is awareness. Becoming aware of your emotions and being able to feel them without over reacting (sometimes much easier said than done!) is the key to moving through intense emotional times.

    John Gray, expert in relationships, talks about feeling our emotional "soup pot" and being able to identify which feeling is bothering you and letting them be felt. Most of us are very afraid to feel our own emotions because we don't trust ourselves and our own reactions, we are afraid we will act on them, maybe irrationally. This comes from authority figures over controlling our feelings during most of our life and learning we shouldn't be trusted with our own emotions.

    This is why most people choose to repress feelings, we disconnect and stuff them away.  Dr.Gray actually says the truth is exactly the opposite, that feeling the feels causes us NOT to act or over react (as in these Doritos have met their match act) to our emotional states. Feeling our feelings causes them to just go away.

    The most recommended tool I have found and also the most effective for releasing stuck emotions is meditation, for as little as 5 minutes per day or whenever needed it, can powerfully change any state. Just by closing your eyes and bringing awareness to the fact that you aren't your current feelings, allows you to feel them and let them pass. I find this particularly effective while showering or bathing. There are many different ways to meditate, google a couple and see what works for you. You may hate one method but love another. There is no right way.

    Aromatherapy is also a powerful way to release and soothe stored emotions; releasing is made easier with eucalyptus oil, breathing through intense emotion is aided by the King of oils- Frankincense, Forgiveness is aided by Helichrysum, deepen your acceptance of circumstances with Roman Chamomile and increase self-love with Bergamot. Always remember to dilute topical oils with a carrier oil to avoid injury.

    Herbal teas are similar in that they release the volatile oil in the leaves and soothe you internally, my recommendations go to chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, green tea and passion flower.

    Yoga and deep stretching can also help release toxic emotions and aid physical detox, as can infrared sauna and hydrotherapy, where hot and cold waters are intermittently applied to the body to draw out heat and toxins.

    Sometimes periods of silence can help, other times sound bathing with music can also help. If you are going to start a detox program, be aware that deep emotions may surface and need to be dealt with. If you have experienced trauma you may need a professional to help guide you through, that's one of the bravest things you can do.

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