• Weight Loss- Calorie Deprivation vs Calorie Restriction

    Still starving yourself in order to lose weight? Is that working? Enjoying those mid day blood sugar swings, mood swings or late night eating marathons?
    When we think of losing weight, often we think of dieting, which means calorie deprivation.
    Most people believe "Calories in, Calories out" balance model is essential for losing body fat.
    That we must find that magical weight loss unicorn: THE CALORIE DEFICIT!

    I have been unicorn hunting for YEARS, and what I figured out is that hypothetically this model works, in basically a sealed chamber where you control all variables, however 50% of what determines your caloric burn is not something you directly control... I will talk more about that later this week.
    And, when you use the ALL CALORIES are CREATED EQUAL model of deprivation... aka, I'll starve all day and then I will eat half a pizza... because CALORIES.... you turn on all your feast or famine hormones I've talked a lot about previously, and no doubt will talk about again!
    Today, though, I want to talk about caloric restriction, specifically refined carbohydrate restriction.
    When you replace your refined carbohydrates with low glycemic vegetables and fruits, you naturally lower your caloric intake and you add fiber, vitamins and water.
    This GENIUS move also accomplishes 3 other really important things which help you LOSE WEIGHT and STOP AGING:
    1. reduces oxidative damage through less exposure to free radicals
    2. reduces excess blood glucose levels
    3. reduces excess insulin levels
    so, eating MORE food can produce better results, if they are the right foods. Those three points above are what we cause you to gain weight, gain illness and get old, not what we want! This is exactly why I designed Newport Skinny Tea!
    The key factors for an anti-aging, calorie restricted diet that will help you achieve ideal body composition, energy and mood, according to Barry Sears, Ph.D., who has been researching hormonal weight loss for over 20 years are:
    Adequate Protein
    Adequate Essential Fats
    Adequate Level of Quality Carbohydrate for Optimal Brain Function
    Adequate Vitamins & Minerals
    This is what I've been writing about for years, balancing your protein, veggies and fats at each meal, making sure you get water, fiber and vitamins!
    It is really hard to get off white sugar, flour and especially the liquid sugar drinks! That's what Newport Skinny Tea is designed to help you do, so it won't be so painful!
    Newport Skinny Tea was designed to help stop all the above conditions, that increase weight gain and rapid again. Very high in anti-oxidants and flavonoids, Newport Skinny Tea is very healing to the body when you are transitioning yourself to a Whole Foods balanced diet.
    This week, our Signature Newport Skinny Tea is $10 off, so get 21 days of day and night time teas for $27!
    Also available on!
    My highest wish is for you to experience great health and love yourself!
    Happy Valentines Day!
    Jennifer XOXO

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  • How Daydreaming Can Transform Your Life

    February is here!
    How is your 2017 going?
    I'm pretty impressed with my progress so far! One thing is that I'm sticking with it. Normally I get distracted and just give up...
    But this time, I really have just kept going and I've released 8 of the 30 pounds I've set out to release by the end of March, mostly by doing the opposite of what everyone tells you must happen to lose weight, but by doing exactly what I've been writing about for the past 3 years. My biggest change is my mindset.
    Have you already given up trying this year...
    Don't dwell on it.
    That's the absolute worst thing you can do, after all, scales just give us data... they don't judge us.
    We judge ourselves, others judge us, but that judgement doesn't serve us, it brings negative emotion into the equation, giving you more to overcome....
    You need LESS to overcome, you need to make things as easy as possible.
    You can dislike something about yourself and love yourself at the same time.
    Loving yourself will ensure that you make choices on behalf of your best self, the self you want to bring out into the world, the self you KNOW lives inside you
    What would your best self do?
    Eat Junk?
    Miss sleep?
    Drink sugar?
    No, of course not.
    You've got to dare to dream WHO YOU CAN BE.
    Who can you be?
    Who do you dare to dream to be?
    It is scary to dream so big, but it is more scary to look back and see all the chances you didn't take, all the days you've spent lonely, sad and unhappy.
    I want 2017 to be a year of transformation for you,
    on a deep level.
    It starts with a powerfully courageous thought
    that you CAN be who you want to be.
    Just start daydreaming about what you'll do,
    who you will be and what that will feel like when you get there.  
    Let that one dream in today
    and then keep thinking about it
    Our Limited February Challenge Pack is out now, it includes 2 teas and 1 tub of our detox bath salts- these are good teas for cold weather and its also good to change things up so your body doesn't get complacent.
    Warm water bathing will increase your metabolism and allow your body to release toxins through your skin, plus they are soothing to tired, sore muscles.
    February Challenge Pack:

    21 Day Mermaid Cove Metabolism Tea
    21 day Glow Skinny Tea
    Newport Skinny Tea detox bath salts
    Regular Retail: $76.00
    Challenge Pack Price: $37.00
    This price is only good until February 4th

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  • Are You Making This Huge Mistake?

    During the Body Breakthrough Program I want to emphasize how important it is that you set POSITIVE goals.
    Most people say they want to start eating healthy, but what they're saying to themselves in their mind is "so I don't get FAT."
    That's a negative goal, because it focuses your energy and attention on what you DON'T want.
    You need to take special attention to focus on what you DO want.
    99% of people never really think about what they DO want, they just live in fear of what they don't want.
    Take the time to really think about what would make you completely happy. Can you envision how you would live if you were at your dream weight, feeling healthy, alive and free?
    What would you do? How would your life change? How would you FEEL?
    No detail is too small, every single thing helps your brain know its goal, and really when you get super clear on a positive goal and you empower yourself to have it (We talked about that yesterday) it will start happening much more quickly.
    If fear comes up while you're doing this, that a sign that you have a block or cross purpose that's holding you back. Ask yourself what you would need to get over this fear!
    Here's to an amazing 2017!

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  • Clearing Subconscious Blocks to Diet Success

    Having great intentions is not enough to get you to your goal.
    Like most people, we've been exposed to a lot of "programming" in our lives, you know when you observe what's going on around you and determine what's what....
    Most of that happens for us before the age of 7. Yes, we still live mostly from what we determined was safe, valuable and worth our time before the age of 7!
    So, do you wonder why sometimes you want things but you actively do the opposite of what will get you to your goals?
    Sometimes this is called having a "cross-purpose."
    It's what crosses our wires in our brain, makes us eat the same foods we've always been eating despite going on a diet. Makes us stay up till midnight when we swore we'd be at the gym by 6am. You get it.
    Even if you choose to get out of your "comfort-zone" consciously, its not that easy, because you've got subconscious programs that keep you doing what you've always done.
    Two of these powerful programs are: Doubt and Lack of Awareness.
    Now that you have read this, you know what you didn't know before, so congratulations, most people never take the time to work on themselves like you do!
    First of all, I'm going to ask you to bring awareness to yourself that you have these hidden programs, pointing them out to yourself is actually a huge first step. Intuitively, you can feel their existence when I point them out.
    Now, I'm going to ask that you ask yourself-- in what ways do you doubt your ability to overcome these obstacles? Did you have people in your family who commented on your weight, your love of food, or only praised you when you looked "Good" (in their eyes)?
    Were you often told or shown not to try, because you would fail or experience pain in some way if you put yourself out there by attempting to do something new?
    Love based behavior modification is so common, we thinks its completely normal. You only receive love from your caretaker when you perform certain actions, look a certain way, achieve milestones...
    Sadly, its actually the opposite of Love. As in real LOVE. The love that you needed and never felt like you got. Being Loved just because you're you.
    I'm here to tell you, you can change this programming. You can feel loved simply for being you, you can and you will. I will help you, but you will do it.
    First ask your higher self to erase your doubt, show you that you are capable and ask your subconscious mind to clear the blocks you have about loving yourself.
    I know this sounds simple, and you will have to repeat it several times, maybe for several days, but your mind will listen to your request.
    Second, ask your mind to bring you awareness, become aware that you are more than what you have learned, that your potential is unlimited.
    Finally, tell yourself that your higher self you are worthy of love, just because you are here, on this planet, experiencing life and figuring it all out.
    Try it and see for yourself! I have asked for these blessings for you as well, you can choose to receive  them if you desire.
    Here's to an amazing 2017!

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  • Body Breakthrough Plan Step by Step Daily Actions

    Daily Step by Step Plan

    Awaken to gratitude, for your body, for your life, for your health, for the earth, tell yourself “I love you” and think of all the wonderful things you can about yourself. If negative thoughts come up, say “I love you anyways” and move on. Remember that you are seeking love, so are all others.

    Repeat your personal body goals 5 times in positive, present day tense, “I am amazingly healthy, I feed myself healthy, life-giving fuel, I move in healthy ways, energy flows through me, I am at my perfect weight of…” or any other goals you wish to achieve.

    Drink Newport Skinny Tea Daytime upon rising or immediately after your coffee
    Do 30-45 minutes stead state cardio if you are having trouble losing fat (this will deplete your glycogen stores, so your body will start burning its own fat stores)
    Slowly move breakfast back each day, until you are “fasting” 16 hours per day or whatever length of time is comfortable for you. Eating all meals within an 8 hour window, for most its 11am-7pm, will ensure you are minimizing your insulin exposure
    Breakfast: Eat protein & fat in equal measure, include some vegetables  as well, ideal would be omelet with bacon, asparagus tips and spinach. If you can, don’t include any starch or grains in this meal, it will further reduce your insulin exposure for less fat storing. Use enough fat that you are satisfied until lunch, however, it will keep your body from burning your own fat stores, so try to get a balance.

    Drink water or iced herbal tea

    Wait at least 2 hours after breakfast, drink your second cup of Newport Skinny Tea, if you need another cup of coffee, have it after that. Try to make sure that you are not getting overly hungry from too much caffeine.

    Lunch: If you are going to have carbs, this is the meal that you should eat them at. Include a big salad, soup or stir fry of vegetables and meat, include fat and avoid sugar or grains. Having a sweet potato or other starch is not ideal, but if it will keep you from eating refined sugar and grains, go ahead and have a small portion, even better would be a piece of fruit.

    Wait at least 2 hours after lunch, drink water or iced tea or coffee. Try your hardest not to snack, remember that each time you snack, you stop your body from burning your own fat stores for fuel. In the beginning, if you are trying to break a sugar habit, you are going to have some bad moments. Have a plan, I find that if I absolutely need something sweet, I can put a small amount of honey on my tongue or in my tea and it will help me break the craving.

    Come up with at least 5 things you can do that will change your mood- if you rely on food as an upper when you are down or a soother when you are angry or for energy when you are tired, you are going to constantly be fighting yourself. You need to find alternatives, its absolutely essential.  Here are things that work for me: go walk my dog, rub essential oils on to my wrist, go outside to appreciate my animals and nature, read my list of goals or some of a book I’m reading, consult my tarot cards, spritz my face with toner, chew gum, hold a crystal or listen to music, light a candle or get a hug. I try to rely on things I alone can accomplish, so I am not putting it off on to other people or making them responsible for my feelings. Sometimes I repeat the sacred Hawaiian healing prayer “I’m sorry, thank you, I love you, please forgive me.” Sometimes I practice EFT tapping on myself or journal.
    However, we are not perfect, and you will slip up, it is perfectly fine, I want you to know that the quantity of anything you eat matters, so if you take one bite of cake or cookie or whatever, its exponentially better than eating the entire thing. If I am desperately wanting to taste something, usually 1 bite will do, and it won’t send me into a sugar cravings cycle the way having an entire cupcake or something will. All is not lost if you give in, it just slows it down.

    Dinner should be more of the same- veggies and meat with fat, you can come up with numerous ways to eat it. We will have more discussion about the finer points of designing your ideal menu.
    After dinner drink your Newport Skinny tea night blend.
    Schedule something that will soothe and fulfill your body after dinner, yoga, a detox bath, self-massage, cuddling, or reading. The goal is to fill up your own cup, to prove to yourself you are lovable, you are enough, you are beautiful and worth caring about.

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  • How to Start Being a Fat Burning Machine

    You want to start burning your body fat instead of storing more of it like you have been for awhile, despite all you've tried?
    That's the goal of the Body Breakthrough Program, using tea, cutting edge technology and a low carb diet.
    I’ve juice cleansed, I’ve master cleansed, I’ve South Beached, Atkins, and Carbohydrate Loved my way into a lot of skinny jeans.

    AND I’ve failed at dieting A LOT of times…. I mean, I should have an Olympic gold medal for all the failed diets I’ve attempted. I bet you’ve had some failures too.
    I will tell you that as someone who has studied dietary planning for over a decade, the recent discoveries in this field are nothing short of miraculous… in an industry that has preached “Calories in-Calories out” for YEARS, there is finally a realization that this is not entirely TRUE. BUT, it’s not entirely false either…
    That is what has made it so difficult to master.

    I’m going to attempt WHY controlling calories and exercising have worked at times, but not at all times and HOW you can finally understand HOW to burn fat all the time.
    Insulin, omg I’m talking hormones AGAIN,  is responsible for driving excess calories into our fat cells. Without insulin, this cannot happen. Science has known this for a while, we can even prove it in labs. However, science has been very slow to really admit this is the case.

    I’m not going to get into the political and economic reasons I believe are behind this lack of informing the public…

    However, it is becoming very big news in certain circles that reducing your insulin is going to make you lose weight.

    If you are insulin resistant, pre-diabetic or have type 2 diabetes, it will be challenging to reverse these conditions, but many people have done it.

    The solution lies in changes of diet and exercise, but maybe not in the way you think.
    In your diet, only refined sugars, starches and grains can evoke an insulin response which stores calories as fat. If you eat a tremendous amount of protein at one meal, you may also get a small response, but in general fats and proteins cannot evoke an insulin response and cannot make you store more fat.

    Here is where it gets a bit tricky, if you eat a mixed meal, meaning it contains refined carbohydrates, protein and fats, the amount of the total glycemic load of the meal will determine the percentage of the calories that get stored as fat, and in that case the percentage of calories stored as fat will be of the total meal… this is why the fat grams matter. Because fat has double the calories!!

    I hope that makes sense, because that should turn on a giant light bulb for you!!
    Eating sugar all the time (like the 6 times per day and 11 servings of grains that the US Government recommends) keeps your insulin high, it keeps you in fat storing mode all the time. It also turns you into a sugar burner and creates a ton of chronic inflammation in your body. It keeps you craving sugar every two hours, it is really not your fault or something you can willpower your way out of.

    The pancreas creates insulin to keep your blood sugar stable, because without this handy feature we would die, like instantly. Only 1 percent of the pancreas deals with insulin, ONE PERCENT. Our ancestors didn’t really need much insulin, because they weren’t eating things that required it.

    To fix this problem immediately, I want to suggest you start to reduce the frequency you expose yourself to insulin provoking foods and start to train your body as a fat burner.
    This means sticking to what I call the Bulls eye diet plan, Meats + Veggies + Low glycemic fruit, I wrote a blog on this topic, it’s worth reading. As you lower your fat intake, and train yourself to burn fat, your body will start burning your fat stores.
    Also leaving more time when you are not eating, prolonging your period of fasting between dinner and breakfast can make you more insulin sensitive and start to burn more fat.
    This last part is what is called intermittent fasting, you are aiming for at least 16 hours of not eating, like between 7pm and 11am. Work up to it, start slow, its not a race, increase time not eating by 15 or 30 minutes per day. This leaves an 8 hour window in which to eat all your calories. Even if you eat the same amount of calories in this window, you should be storing less as fat, because there are less opportunities to be exposed to insulin.

    Tea, especially the Newport skinny tea daytime blend, specifically increases your insulin sensitivity as well and can help reduce chronic inflammation in your tissues.
    Exercise can deplete your glycogen  if you do it in a fasted state and help your body get into fat burning mode. Exercise can also make you more insulin sensitive. Increasing intensity, duration or frequency all seem to have a positive effect on insulin, however it is widely recognized that exercise will increase your hunger and often make you over eat sugar and starch.

    HIIT training specifically helps overcome this problem for many people, too. High Intensity interval training can make you more insulin sensitive, which is the goal.
    That's your first four steps in the Body Breakthrough Program-
    reduce processed grains & sugars, increase your fasting time, drink tea & water and perform high intensity interval training.
    Here's to a fit 2017!

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