My Story

I started this company hoping to help women look the way they wanted to look and feel great, because that's what I wanted. I was so tired of not seeing the results I wanted, even though I was eating healthy,dieting most of the time and working out consistently. I was looking for products that would really deliver, but everything I found made me feel worse in the end. Energy drinks, pills and powders made me wiredand then tired and really messed up my sleep patterns.


I've been in the health and fitness industry a long time, and I've seen many people get frustrated with how much they work out, how little they can eat, and then get injured and put all their lost weight back on. I've seen many women not be successful with the standard "Less Calories In, More Calories Out"model and studies are now showing that endless cardio and non-fat foods may not be the path to ideal health.

I myself have struggled to find a way to keep myself at peak health and my ideal weight, it is not easy.I wasn't blessed with a super model body that let's me eat whatever I want without gaining a pound, and I'm guessing you weren't either.


So I began my search for better answers than I was finding in magazines and diet books and the trainers I knew, then I became a tea enthusiast, and when I finished learning about what tea and herbs can actually do for you, I was a  complete fanatic, and Newport Skinny Tea was born.

Now a couple years later and I've truly been blessed because thousands of beautiful people have taken this journey with me, I've learned that its so much more than just how good you look, its really about how you feel, what you experience each day and finding a perfect balance that fits easily into your lifestyle and keeps you happy, that's what this program is designed to do!



I truly believe that my mission in life is to help other women and I feel its an honor and a blessing to be given the opportunity,

Thank you, I wish only the best for you!