I know that your struggle is real!
I want you to take the pressure off yourself right now, because you didn't know some of the information that you needed to know. 
To get started, here's the first 3 steps you need to take:

1. Order your first Newport Skinny Tea program, most start with the Quick Start Fat Loss Program. It comes with 4 teas and will give you variety to keep you interested.
2. You're going to need a tea diffuser or strainer to make your tea at home. Plus if you are on the go a lot, you will need some portable tea bags. This makes drinking your tea totally easy and customizable.
3.  Let's address diet culture.  I know the diet culture teaches us "calories in- calories out"  and the esiest way to losing weight logically is to restrict yourself of almost all calories until you get to the weight you want. Right?

It's easy to blame the dieter for not doing the diet perfectly...
BUT, I was doing EVERYTHING right for a long time, and I was not able to lose the excess weight. I would feel completely destroyed and so despressed everytime I thought, okay this will work.... and then it didn't. The scale was still the same, my jeans didn't zip and I would give up, again.
I have learned from leading edge experts that we will never out willpower our body's desire for survival. Try to trick it all you want, but eventually we will wind up ravenous and eating anything we can find that's sweet in the house at midnight. It's just biology.

Newport Skinny tea is not about the calories in-calories out model, so if you're looking for a quick fix, this is not it. Tea helps you become healthier, without starving. Improving your food selections and healthy movement will help you progress faster, check our eating plan for some suggestions.


Legally, products cannot promise weight loss results, as individual results vary and your results will be different from others, examples used on this website were sent in from individuals who used our products, they were not compensated. Please check with your doctor before starting any changes to your diet or fitness program, especially if you are on medication, which can always be affected.



" *DISCLAIMER : These are individual experiences and results may vary individual to individual "

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