• Newport Skinny Detox Botanical Bath Salts

Newport Skinny Detox Botanical Bath Salts


100% natural Dead sea salts infused with essential oil, botanicals and tea

  • Detoxifying: Containing nature's best cellulite-fighting ingredients like essential oils & tea, Skinny Detox Bath will help improve your circulation.
  • Reducing Fluid Retention: If you're suffering from swollen ankles or cottage cheese legs, you may be carrying excess fluids. By improving your circulation, Dead Sea Salt, Citrus & Ginger Oils will help your body release toxins
  • Luxury Spa Quality made with the most precious ingredients on earth, they will greatly enhance your health and beauty, including coconut oil which makes skin incredibly smooth.
  • Natural soothing helps you feel better, the salts create a negative ion environment and pull toxins out of your skin. Compounds are absorbed by the skin and will help the lymphatic system cleanse and detoxify the body.

Ingredients: pure dead sea salt, essential oils (Grapefruit, Lemon, Ginger), finely ground tea leaves and dried fruit powder (Grapefruit, Lemon, Ginger), coconut oil, natural flavor. (16 ounces)

Directions for Use: Use 1/4 cup of the salts in a full tub of warm water, do not eat or ingest, do not use on broken skin or skin that is burned, sensitive or scabbed. When in doubt, consult your doctor before using, keep securely away from children and pets. Not safe to eat.

Indulge Yourself: Whether you're looking to shrink stress or just want a natural skin treatment, you deserve a little pampering! Newport Skinny Tea makes only the highest quality bath salts for ultimate luxury. You'll feel refreshed, renewed, and ready for anything! All-Natural, LUXURY Spa Quality - Unique Formulation - Made in the USA with blessings & 100% Authentic, Ultra Premium Sea Salts from the Dead Sea - for your home. We believe in employing ONLY natural ingredients for safe and effective results; none of our products include parabens, sulfates, chemicals, or artificial colors or scents.

Legally, products cannot promise weight loss results, as individual results vary and your results will be different from others, examples used on this website were sent in from individuals who used our products, they were not compensated. Please check with your doctor before starting any changes to your diet or fitness program, especially if you are on medication, which can always be affected.