Are you being majestic AF?

Today I want to ask you,
are you being majestic af?
If not, its time to cut out any toxic thoughts
that you don't deserve the life you want.
If you weren't worthy of it, why would you
even want it? You are.
Toxic thoughts can be just as destructive as
actual toxins in our bodies from food or our environment.
Remember your cells, all 500 trillion of them,
are each a conscious being, in constant communication with you, they listen to your
every thought and they hear your every word.
Speak love into your body, speak hope into your dreams, believe in yourself-
that's why I made this new tea,
its so freaking beautiful- you won't believe it. 
Connect to more than your limiting thoughts
and beliefs, connect to who you know you are INSIDE and bring that queen out!
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