How Amazing is Your Future Self? Why Wait to be Her?

Have you noticed that punishing yourself never works?
It may work for a while, but eventually it fails.
Why is that?
Because we always are heading towards where we believe happiness is.
We may punish ourselves to go through the hell of being unhappy because we believe its the only path to happiness...
But, that happiness never really shows up when we are focused on that negative, because we are giving energy to the negative, to the hell, to everything we don't want.
So, here's a little exercise to help you "see" where you want to go. Imagine yourself already there.
Then write your now self a letter about how it feels where you want to be. 
The more specific, the better, what are you doing each day, what are you wearing, what do you look like and who do you see. What does it smell like arnd how does it FEEL???
I bet you can incorporate some of that magic into your life NOW!
Love Jennifer XOXO
PS Summer is almost here, let's make it the best summer ever! Do you have a Summer Dream list? Write that down too!