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  • How Insulin is Keeping Your Stomach Fat

    The following is an excerpt from my new book that will be coming out shortly, I thought it was so important that you needed to read it right away. It will solve some mysteries for you about why you are struggling to lose weight.
    The myth that we need carbohydrates to “fuel” our body persists, but carbs are actually the only macronutrient we don’t need to eat in order to survive.  Carbs are made up of sugars and starches. When we eat carbs, it provokes an insulin response from our cells. Insulin is the gatekeeper of your fat cells. When its high, you are storing energy as fat, when its low you can burn your stored fat as energy.
    Without an insulin response, calories can’t get put into our cells for fat storage. When we eat a food that does provoke an insulin response we can measure that response on the Glycemic Index, when we measure how much a typical serving of that food raises our blood sugar we call that the Glycemic Load of the food. The higher the Glycemic Load, the more calories % wise are stored away from that meal as fat. A slice of white bread has a GL of 100, every other food is measured in comparison to that standard.

    I can hear things clicking into place for you…
    Just know, I am purposefully making this explanation extremely simple, because it’s a very complex subject and I don’t want you to get lost in the technicality of it and give up. What you need to know is that one key to control your fat loss is to control your overall dietary Glycemic Load.

    Most diets that succeed in getting you to lose weight do so because they control the Glycemic Load you eat. Most diets cut out processed foods, control sugars and starches and don’t even know that this is what they are doing! The Zone, Paleo, Keto, Whole 30, Raw, and all mainstream diets I can think of use this principle.
    What studies show is that reducing the glycemic load, unlike reducing dietary fat, while trying to lose weight pulls most of the fat that the body uses from the abdominal fat stores instead of the thighs and butt, especially in women. Increases in your glycemic load tend to store calories on your abs.
    When our insulin is low, we unlock and burn our fat stores for energy! When our insulin is high our body is either putting more energy away to burn later or clamping those stores shut. Insulin control is one of the key principles to unlocking your fat stores and burning them instead of them growing!
    If you think about it, this will make a great deal of sense to you! I know you’ve been on a diet, where you are really trying, you are eating very low fat and low calorie only to not lose a pound and maybe you have even gained weight. This is because your insulin is high all the time, or you have some degree of insulin resistance preventing you using your fat stores.
    If you use calories in-calories out model to try to explain it, well it isn’t even mathematically possible. You know you are eating well, you are exercising, SO what the hell happened? There should be a deficit, I should be losing weight....
    This diet tells me to eat X calories subtract Y amount for daily living and exercising and I will have a deficit, then I will lose weight… but you now know that isn’t the way it always works. Yes, if you eat a ton of any type of calories you trigger some fat storage, but X-Y= weight loss model is inaccurate.
    So how is your body getting around math? Insulin! Insulin makes this possible. Insulin is the key, this will make everything you are frustrated about with dieting make instant sense.

    Let’s say you get up and you have a low fat bagel with no butter, but instead you use jam plus orange juice for breakfast. You are being very good, the calorie count and fat count is low, then you go an exercise intensely for an hour. An hour after that you are ravenous, and exhausted feeling, even shaky.
    Your breakfast had a glycemic load over 400, which is very high and it shot your insulin and blood sugar straight up. Your body responded by starting to shuttle extra energy into your fat storage cells and by clamping them shut. When you exercised you were burning off a little bit of your food and any glycogen in your muscle stores left over from yesterday. But basically your exercising didn’t do much, except lead your body further into thinking its starving, because it can’t access any of the stored energy it has, so now it sends signals that its starving and your blood sugar is crashing, leaving you shaky. So what do you reach for? Something that will prop it up, something with some sugar in it, something to make you feel better and the process gets worse.
    I've hear from so many people just like you who just CAN'T lose weight anymore no matter what they try, I know it’s true, because I've experienced it myself. I didn’t know why, but now I do, a big part of it is this insulin response. It’s imperative that you get it under control, learn how to unlock your fat stores and start to burn them for energy. I will be showing you how in this book.  
    1.The first secret to keep your insulin in check is to keep your daily servings of starchy and sugary carbs (potatoes, rice, flour products) to 1 whole serving or 2 half servings. This DOES NOT include vegetables and fruits. It could be half of 1 potato and 1/2 cup of rice. That would be the starch for the day.
    2.The second secret is to eliminate sugary drinks from your diet, stop adding sugar to your coffee and tea as well.
    3. The third step is to exercise when your insulin is low, so first thing in the morning take a walk or at least 2 hours after a low glycemic meal. Our NST system below can also help!

    Our Newport Skinny Tea day and night teas work with your body to heal and rejuvenate your digestive system, to cleanse pounds of waste out of your intestines and to reset your metabolism to its original, pristine condition. In tests, the carcinia cambogia in kokum is shown to help the pancreas reline itself with beta cells to help balance your insulin response. Dandelion and nettle are cleansing agents that help your body rid itself of the excess water that is trapped in the tissues. All the teas in the system help your metabolism to run more smoothly and process food better. Cinnamon helps slow your insulin response and ginger and lemon calm inflammation in your tissues. All ingredients in our teas are purposefully selected to work in harmony to restore your body.

    It's on sale right now for $26 instead of $35.
    Please note: This is not medical advice, you should always consult your doctor about your specific medical issues and you should never stop taking medication without a doctors consent. We are not doctors and cannot treat you, your disease through this article. We do not assume any responsibility for your medical issues or disease.

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  • Detox + Tea = Teatox, why it helps you lose weight

    Does this tea really work? How does using tea to detox help weight loss?
    Detox is the process of removing of toxins and harmful materials from the body, your body does this naturally and can be helped using some products and supplements. It is a very important process necessary for a healthy and active lifestyle and to keep your weight under control, as well. Now you are definitely thinking of how do I detox myself? I am going to tell you about that.
    Newport Skinny Tea is a wonderful mix of natural tea and herbs that helps that helps to removes the toxins and harmful materials from your body quickly. Besides detoxification, it has numerous benefits such as:
    • promoting weight loss through using food more efficiently
    • Increasing metabolic rate
    • Burning calories and converting food to energy
    • Regulating blood sugar levels
    • Suppressing your appetite
    • Promoting healthy skin
    • Cleansing and detoxifying intestines
    • Improving food digestion

    All the ingredients of the Newport Skinny Tea are pure, organic and preservative free, they deliver the benefits of fastest weight loss without going through the pain, discomfort and possible negative effects of extreme dieting that can hurt your metabolism in the long run. Newport Skinny Tea actually helps your body repair damaged parts of its metabolism, while we cannot guarantee results or make weight loss claims, you can search for yourself the wonderful studies that have been published about the ingredients that are in Newport Skinny Tea.


    How Does The Tea Works?

    Newport Skinny Tea consists of ingredients that helps you to maintain a healthy body weight without becoming ill by harmful toxins as they are released from your fat stores. It does this as it assists in detoxification process by trapping the toxins and excess dietary fat that you are eating and escorting them out of your body quickly.


    You may have been trapped in a cycle where you are dieting and exercising strenuously only to find that you are gaining weight or there is no movement on the scale, this is more common than you think! There can be several causes of this, but most commonly what is happening is that you are getting the excess fat into your blood stream through exercise and then you are not burning it off, its actually just being reabsorbed by your body.


    Sometimes, if a person has made their starvation mechanism activate by withholding food from themselves for long periods of time, the body will hold on to every possible calorie, because it is in "starvation." This is an especially difficult and unfortunate place to be, because it takes a lot of consistency and patience to get out of it. You have to convince your hormones that you're safely out of the famine. For this to rebalance, you need to get your hormones under control, especially your cortisol and calm your system down, which tea is very good at doing. Make sure if you use coffee, that you drink tea immediately after your coffee, which will help your hormones balance.


    Also, a metabolism can be so weighed down with toxins that it just is basically not functioning or very confused. There are so many toxins that will confuse our communication in our body. In both these cases, tea and herbs found in Newport Skinny Tea can be extremely beneficial in getting you through those plateaus and back to feeling healthy and vibrant! If you are eating a diet very high in processed foods, sugars and oils, you need to start transitioning to a higher fiber, very clean diet and keep being vigilant with it until you begin to feel better. Herbs in our tea, especially our night time tea will help escort these toxins which are trapped in your fat, out of the body, but be warned, you can feel sick when they are coming out and you can also crave them very badly as well.



    I want to again state that starving the body and drinking harsh chemicals that make you lose 5 pounds in a week will only make these states worse, and is definitely not what our teas are designed to do. Our teas are designed to help you regain a state of balance, where you can enjoy eating food and exercise again, and stop worrying about every single thing you eat. Relaxing is a great benefit to your body's hormones as well.


    Obesity is considered as a multifactorial disease as it causes many other diseases that are fatal, such as cardiovascular diseases. So the first step of becoming healthy is to maintaining healthy body weight by overcoming obesity. In this respect, Newport Skinny tea is a great solution to use with dietary and exercise changes. The day time tea helps to convert your food into energy by burning your food’s fats. It increases your body metabolism and have appetite suppressant ingredients that helps you to feel less hungry.  By taking it on regular basis, it will help you to reduce weight and improve your body's physiological profile.The night time tea acts as a cleanser of toxins that are present in your body. It also helps the absorption of the unwanted calories and fats resulting in faster weight loss. It helps you to look skinny and beautiful by supporting positive lifestyle changes!


    We are here to help you find your best body, however no two people or situations are exactly alike, and not everyone will respond to any recommendation, no matter how many studies have been done on it. We recommend healthy lifestyle changes and our products are designed to support you as you make these changes, please don't give up on yourself! You can do it if you commit to finding a solution, you definitely deserve to feel and look great!

    Right now get $5 off a 21 day Newport Skinny Tea program plus a FREE 7 day program to give to a friend (hey will ALL love friends who share great products with us!)  with code "Free7day" No need to add the 7 day to the cart, your free 7 day will come with your order. Just add the 21 day to the cart and use the code and you will get $5 off.

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  • H&LBC Day 10 Cranberry Lemonade detox gallon challenge

    Cranberry lemonade detox water challenge

    I just LOVE this fat burning drink, its amazing at cleaning out the toxins and keeping you hydrated, you can really feel all your systems working better and it keeps you full. Sometimes I mix it with Newport Skinny Tea!

    Cranberry lemonade recipe:

    • Glass gallon jar
    • Safe, clean, spring water
    • 1 cup of organic 100% cranberry juice, not from concentrate
    • 3 organic fresh lemons
    • A citrus juicer
    • Liquid stevia
    • Liquid cayenne

    Fill the jar to about 85% capacity with spring water. Squeeze the lemons and pour the juice into the water. Add cranberry juice. Add stevia to taste and then add cayenne to taste. The amount of cayenne used is up to you, but the more the better.

    If you don't have access to a good spring water source, use other clean drinking water that does not have fluoride. If you don't have access to organic lemons, use conventional. If there are no fresh lemons, use bottle lemon juice. If you can't get cranberry juice that is not from concentrate, get the reconstituted kind (just don't get any kind of cranberry juice that has any other ingredients like sweeteners or other juices). If you can't stand cayenne, don't use it. No glass jar? Use plastic. No excuses.

    If you have powdered cayenne and/or powdered stevia, I recommend using a blender to mix some of the liquid with the powders so they don't settle later.

     Here's a new challenge: the one gallon challenge. Drink a gallon of cranberry lemonade a day, sweetened with stevia, and spiced with cayenne. This is one of the best ways to detoxify, lose weight, and clean out your system. It's also a much better choice for most people than The Master Cleanse

    Drinking a gallon of water a day makes an amazing difference to your health and your appearance (google gallon a day water before and after). Drinking this much fluid flushes the organs and the lymph nodes, hydrates the skin, and helps the body to rebuild cells and regenerate in ways that most people do not get to experience. The cranberry and the lemon help flush the liver and the kidneys even more, and in my experience it's a lot easier to drink a gallon of cranberry lemonade than it is to drink a gallon of plain water. And cayenne has a ton of amazing health benefits.

    Please use common sense with this. If you do not follow a healthy diet with lots of produce, the amount of liquid consumed on this regimen can deplete the body of much needed minerals. Do not attempt to drink a gallon of anything in one sitting, EVER. This has been known to kill people, even with just water. If you have kidney problems, this may be the best thing for you. On the other hand, depending on your health issues, it may overload the kidneys. I find that smaller people who weigh less than 120 pounds can see the benefits at 1/2 to 1/3 of a gallon. Your health is in your hands. Again, please use good judgment and ALWAYS check with your doctor before making changes to your medication or doctor prescribed routine.

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  • H&LBC Day 9 Using Spicy Fat burning Broth & Juice

      Day 9: Fat burning broth & detox juice

      Basic Fat Burning Broth recipe

      • 6 large green onions or large red onion
      • 1-2 cans of tomatoes
      • 1 large head of cabbage
      • 2 green peppers
      • 1 bunch celery
      • rosemary & tarragon for flavoring
      • shitake mushrooms for flavoring
      • 1 hot pepper, as per taste
      • 2 or 3 cloves of chopped garlic
      • 1 4 inch piece of kombu seaweed
      • vegetable broth, prefer low sodium


      Cut vegetables in small to medium pieces cover with broth or combination of broth and water. Boil fast for 10 minutes. Reduce heat to simmer and continue cooking until vegetables are tender. Spices blend or individual spices such as rosemary, sage, thyme, tarragon or oregano, may be added as desired toward the end of cooking. Season with pepper, parsley, or hot sauce, if desired. Because of the bouillon, it will probably require little or no salt. Adding lemon or lime juice enhances the fat burning properties and the taste. Do not add salt.

      This soup can be eaten any time you are hungry. Eat as much as you want, whenever you want. This soup will not add calories. The more you eat, the more you will lose. Fill a thermos in the morning if you will be away during the day. However, if eaten alone for indefinite periods, you would suffer from malnutrition. You may strain out the vegetables or blend the vegetables to add variety.

      Slim down detox juice

      This will enliven your whole body, aid digestion, boost the immune and eliminate toxins. Also good to help your body handle stress.

      2 oranges, peeled
      ½ lemon, peeled
      1 beetroot (no greens)
      1 small handful of spinach
      5 celery stalks
      5 long carrots
      1 inch cube of ginger root, turmeric or dash of spice blend

      Peel the orange and lemon, then juice with the rest of the ingredients. If the fruit is organic and you can handle the taste of the peel, include some peel. You may change up the variety by mixing up the ginger or turmeric root, you may always add some cayenne or spice blend to this mix if you are wanting a savory treat. Also adding cucumber instead of celery will change things up too, I also like to include romaine lettuce or kale instead of spinach, you should rotate your greens if this is a drink you have consistently.

      Bonus tip! Dieter’s Dream Water – Sometimes it’s alright to keep things simple, especially when you’re detoxing. This recipe is basically water that has different cleansing fruits and vegetables soaking in it. The nutritional aspects of these ingredients will be absorbed by the water, and it’s recommended to let this sit overnight for best results. The nice thing is that you can keep refilling the pitcher so you get the most value for your money and use up as much of the ingredients as possible. If you have organic veggies and fruits, don't be afraid to use the peels! Also good to add stevia or spice blend, or freeze this for a frozen treat when you're craving sweets.

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    • How to Design a Weight Loss Detox Bath

      Custom Detox Bathing


      Before You Bathe:

      • Drink plenty of water! Your body is supposed to sweat out all the toxins, so you will need to keep your body as hydrated as possible.
      • Make sure someone else is home. Some people feel dizzy/light headed afterwards. Just in case you don’t feel well, it’s good to have someone there to help.
      • Allow your body to digest your food before taking a bath (i.e. don’t eat immediately beforehand).

      The Bath:

      • Make sure the water temperature is hot, but comfortable.
      • Start mixing in the ingredients when the tub is about halfway full. Every now and then, swirl the water around to make sure everything is mixing/dissolving.
      • Stay in the tub for 20-40 minutes.
      • You can take these baths anywhere from once a day to once in a while, depending on how your body reacts to them.

      After You Bathe:

      • Get out of the bath slowly and carefully. If you feel dizzy/lightheaded, this feeling should go away after a few minutes. 
      • Drink plenty of water! Your body sweated a lot, so you need to re-hydrate.
      • It is suggested to moisturize your skin with olive oil or coconut oil.
      • If you take a shower to rinse off, make sure the water is cool.

      Types of Detox Baths

      I’ve seen a variety of different detox baths, all with different ingredients and different proportions of each ingredient. Really, you can be your own “chemist,”  do some trial and error, and find what works best for you. A range of suggested ingredient amounts are provided in parentheses (again, pick what is best for YOU). For Epsom salt, start small and work your body’s tolerance up.

      Main Detox Bath Ingredients:

      • Epsom salt (1-2 cups)
      • 100% magnesium sulfate – replenishes body’s magnesium levels
      • Increases body’s ability to detoxify, strenghtens immune system, helps soothe aching muscles, reduces swelling, helps heal bruises
      • You can read more about Epsom salts here
      • Baking soda (1-2 cups)
      • Neutralizes any chemicals in tap water (chlorine and flouride especially), smoothes skin, helps alkalize body & aids detoxifcation

      Optional Ingredients:

      • Green tea bags (2-5 bags)
        • Antioxidant, relaxes body, soothes sore muscles and rashes
      • Apple Cider Vinegar (1/2-2 cups)
        • Anti-inflammatory, softens skin
      • Essential Oils (5-20 drops)
        • Great aromas and unique therapeutic benefits of each
      • Ground Ginger (1 tbsp – a handful)
        • Increases circulation, promotes sweating, helps open pores, helps in pain relief
      • Lemon halves/lemon juice (1 tbsp – 1/3 cup)
        • Antioxidant, brightens skin
      • Olive Oil (1 tbsp – 1/3 cup)
        • Moisturizes skin

      This is a wonderful way to relax and get healthier, these can be done regularly but make sure to keep them under 30 minutes as you will begin to reabsorb the toxins. Make sure you don't get too hot and add cooler water if you start to sweat profusely. You can also use your leftover loose leaf tea in your bath, just contain it in a small bag or infuser so it does not clog your drain.

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    • H&LBC Day 1: Legs up wall

      Day 1 of Hot & Lazy boot camp

      Legs up wall yoga pose is so easy! Its a restorative, restful pose you can do it while you’re doing something else and the list of benefits is HUGE (see below). Here's a great example of being rewarded for being more lazy! With daily practice you will see better digestion, better circulation and better skin tone, plus less anxiety! Try this today and feel better immediately!


      How to do Legs up wall

      1. Sidle one hip as close as you can to a wall.
      2. Swing both legs up the wall and move your rear end as close to the wall as possible. If this hurts your hamstrings, slide a few inches away from the wall. Rest your arms on your belly, or stretch them away from you in a T, W, or V position.
      3. When you are done, bend your knees, roll to one side, and rest there, taking a few breaths before getting up.


      what’s going on in this pose?

      • Your femur bones are dropping into your hip sockets, relaxing your psoas, the muscles that help you walk and support your lower back.
      • Blood is draining out of your tired feet and legs.
      • Your nervous system is getting a signal to slow down, It’s all stress release and recovery   

      Want more of this in your life?

      • Do this pose while doing something you love, it will form a positive link in your brain, such as watching guilty pleasure TV shows, playing games on your phone or reading Divergent for the 3rd time. Set an alarm on your phone for the first week, because we often forget to integrate new habits- make technology work for you!
      •  Check out Yoga Journal’s A lazy girl's guide to yoga
      •  Ask a fun friend to check out yoga classes with you, most centers have a special rate for first time visitors. Or find an at-home yoga based workout program, our favorite is Piyo by Chalene Johnson 


      • Eases anxiety and stress
      • Therapeutic for arthritis, headaches, high blood pressure, low blood pressure and insomnia
      • Eases symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, menstrual cramps and menopause
      • Relieves tired or cramped feet and legs
      • Gently stretches the hamstrings, legs and lower back
      • Relieves lower back pain
      • Calms the mind
      • Regulates blood flow
      • Relieves swollen ankles and varicose veins
      • Helps testicular, semen, and ovarian problems in men and women respectively
      • Improves digestion and circulation
      • Restores tired feet or legs
      • Stretches the back of the neck, front torso, and back of the legs
      • Improves problems of the eyes and ears
      • Relieves mild backache
      • Helps keep you young and vital
      • Calms anxiety
      • Relieves symptoms of mild depression and insomnia

      Contraindicated for glaucoma, please check with your doctor first before trying this pose if you have any concerns about your health and/or medications.

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