Tea is healthier than water to drink??

Could it be true that tea is healthier to drink than water? Maybe wishes do come true...

In August of 2006, the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a review of tea-based studies conducted between 1990-2004, the results may astonish you:

1) Tea is not dehydrating. High doses of caffeine are dehydrating, but even very strong tea does not have nearly the caffeine necessary to dehydrate our bodies. Go ahead and fill your water bottle with the tea of your choice, green, white, black, oolong or pu'erh, and you will see and feel the difference that Dr. Carrie Ruxton explains surpasses filling your water bottle with water alone.

Dr. Ruxton, lead author of the study, told BBC news that she recommends drinking 48-64 ounces of fluid per day, and, she says "that can include tea." Most importantly, she told the BBC, "Drinking tea is actually better for you than drinking water. Water is essentially replacing fluid. Tea replaces fluid and contains antioxidants so it's got two things going for it."

2) Green Tea is not healthier than black tea, but both provide advantages over plain water. Both types of tea contain similar amounts of antioxidants, although they are of different types and amounts, green tea contains approx. 316 mgs. of flavonoids and black contains 268 mgs. Both teas provide the same health benefits in terms of antioxidant capacity.

Antioxidants quench the free radicals that are produced during daily exercises and chores, in fact our bodies are constantly oxidizing which produces free radicals. We help this process along by eating foods that are refined or fried in oils at super high heat. Our bodies are not designed to cope with so much free radical build up, once we go past a certain threshold our cells begin to age prematurely and this leads to the path of disease. We would have no hope at all if it weren't for antioxidants, they come to the rescue by destroying free radicals and slowing down the oxidation process, keeping our cells younger, longer.

3) Drinking three or more cups of tea per day (approx. 24 ounces) can reduce the risk of a wide range of health problems, ranging from heart disease to cancer to diabetes. Each type of tea contains a different type of flavonoid, and that starts to get pretty technical, but research shows that all are effective in scavenging free radicals and keeping you in good health. The Newport Skinny Tea program is 3 cups of tea per day, 2 of the daytime tea and one of the evening tea. While you are following the program, you can drink more plain tea, either caffeinated or decaffeinated and any variety you choose.

So do not be afraid to replace a good portion of your daily water intake with tea, and quickly replace any soda, juice or sugary beverage with tea, especially if you are trying to improve your health or lose weight. You are doing your body a huge favor in keeping it younger, healthier and hydrated. In upcoming blogs, we will discuss the numerous ways tea benefits your health, and if you aren't yet convinced that you should be drinking a lot of tea, you will be soon!