Step by step plan to jump start stubborn metabolism with PCOS & Insulin resistance

PCOS seems to be coming to the forefront in weight loss topics these days, and many experts are stating that this disease is more common than previously thought. PCOS goes hand in hand with insulin resistance, which brings up the topic of the hormone cortisol and the fact that when you drink coffee or perform long sessions of intense cardio you find a prolonged cortisol effect. Cortisol is also raised when you are under stress and it signals the body to store fat around the abdomen, along with other unwanted side effects. If you have been trying for some time to lose weight by cutting fat and increasing exercise and have seen no improvement, you might either by insulin resistant or have PCOS or both, but you will need to have specific tests to make sure.

It's important to work with your doctor if you know you have either of the above disorders, so please make sure you are following their instructions, taking your medication, etc. I want to give a little insight on the fact that tea may not have the same effect as coffee in terms of raising cortisol levels, in fact evidence is pointing us to believe it actually has the opposite effect, and can offset daily stress and help return your cortisol levels to normal. We largely believe this is due to the presence of L-theanine, which in combination with caffeine can reduce anxiety and promote calm focus, but on-going studies are not conclusive yet.

The way that hormones interact in our bodies is extremely complicated, this is one very small component of a huge symphony going on in your body at all times. That being said, small changes can lead to better results rather quickly. I'd like to share some small first steps with you to jump start your metabolism if you have PCOS or Insulin resistance.

1) If you are an cardio junkie, stop. Do low intensity relaxing exercise (leisure walking, tai chi, restorative yoga) and weight training instead to control cortisol which can be one of the major issues in disrupting brain-ovary signaling.

2) Lower your starch/sugar and dairy intake…especially if you are overweight. A paleo-based diet is very useful here or explore keto type eating plan.

3) Take an adrenal adaptogen….my favorites for PCOS are Rhodiola and Holy Basil. (Holy Basil is found in our Malibu Beach Beauty Tea)

4) Work to control estrogen by avoiding estrogen exposure (plastics, coffee, pesticides, OCPs, dairy, etc.) AND facilitating their removal= (increasing) fiber and DIM (supplement).

The two teas I would recommend starting out with would be the Malibu Beach Beauty tea during the day & Corona del Mar paleo lean tea for night.

To Your Health & Happiness!