How to start changing your diet- Your Weight Loss Bull's Eye



I want to say again, AMAZING WAY TO SHOW UP!


Very few people just show up, I can promise if you keep showing up, things will change, because your priorities will change.


Check in for step #1: Have you written down a goal? Have you looked at it and felt great about your goal today?


So now that you have a target, how do you hit the Bull's eye?


I'm guessing you have been on ALOT of diets... that didn't work. I know that most people love to draw a line in the sand and say they are going to change everything (yeah, I've been there!)... when we start a diet.


But, nobody ever really taught us why or how to make real changes, they just give us a list of foods...and there's ALOT of reasons that situation doesn't work.


Here's Step #2 Learn to eat the right way! Learn to feel satisfied and in control, learn how to make a meal any time, any where, forever! Learn how to stop the cycle of chronic inflammation and under nourishing your body, so that you can finally climb out of that sugar shame cycle you're trapped in!




Drink it before every meal & in between meals too!


Then aim to make each meal fit the bull's eye above- I find the easiest way to start is with salad or soup before meals or a green smoothie that isn't full of sugar, adding vegetables to meals you already eat, using stevia to replace sugar, and low glycemic fruit to feel fully satisfied at the end.


Step 2: Meal Bull's Eye Step by Step


  1. Start with Tea


  1. Add a Soup or Salad that contains veggies & greens

or drink a green smoothie without a lot of sugar


  1. Fill a small plate with Quality protein with vegetables and a dash of good fat


  1. Finish with low-glycemic fruit


I want you to follow this formula to the best of your ability at every meal!


This plan does not include grains, starches, sugar or any bread. Does this mean you HAVE to exclude them all? No. But you will see dramatic results when you get to that point, which may take weeks or months.


Just take your first steps, just get started!!


Imperfect Action beats Perfect Inaction EVERYTIME!!!


It's okay not to get everything right, just start!


I believe in you, thank you for being here!


There will be much, much more on this topic!!

Can't wait!

Jennifer XOXO