[C4G] Exercise with No Weight Loss?

I hope this is making sense so far, its really a lot of life changing information you've absorbed over the past few days.
Are you connecting the dots about how you may be exercising and not seeing results?
In the old equation... you subtracted the number of calories you "burned" from what you ate. Simple math right? So why doesn't it "add up?"
In the new equation... you have to achieve low enough blood glucose and circulating insulin to be able to unlock your fat stores and use them.
So the pre-workout smoothie you've been having, full of sugar, you basically drank it and then used some of it up and probably stored some of it as fat.
This is why "fasted-state cardio" works so well, because your body has depleted its glucose stores overnight and insulin has fallen.
Fasted state exercise is any exercise you do after sleeping and before eating. And if you are insulin resistant, it makes you feel pretty bad!
Exercise has many benefits, its well known that weight loss is not very achievable through weight loss alone. Partially because of what I've just described and partially because it stimulates appetite and you tend to make up perceived calories out with more food.
The more of a fat burner you are and the less of a sugar burner you are, the easier it is to liberate your fat stores and use them.
If you are constantly used to getting a sugar hit every 2-3 hours, you will not be burning much body fat fuel.
Step #3- can you include some mild exercise before you eat in the morning? This doesn't have to be epic, it can be 8-12 minutes of body weight intervals, yoga or 20 minutes of walking the dog.
If your cortisol is high, intense exercise in the morning will drive it higher. So will drinking tons of coffee.
More on how to become a fat burner instead of a sugar burner tomorrow.
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