How You Can Stop Drinking Soda

Do you love soda and a day can’t pass without you drinking it?  Many of us are addicted to the irresistible sweetness, fizz and energizing feeling that comes when you take a sip, and you can’t stop having more and more.  It is time you stopped this unhealthy habit and chose a much nutritious drink to benefit your body weight and health.

Soda is known to have a high-calorie content, which is in the form of sugar, and this leads to high blood sugar content. The sugar is converted to fat in the body because it directly stimulates insulin, and this leads to obesity and with time you get other health problems such as type 2 diabetes, damaged blood vessels, heart diseases. Above all, soda is junk, and you know that to stay healthy you need to stay away from junk

It is hard to stop at first because you will be going against habit and you will always have that craving for soda. Switching to diet soda is not an option because although it is sugar-free, it will not contribute to cutting down fat and it also has the same health effects like soda. Some studies show diet soda actually increases fat storage and cravings even beyond sugared soda.

First, you need to identify why you need to stop drinking soda.  You need a strong reason why you are doing away with soda from your diet and what you want to achieve at the end. Determination and commitment are necessary for this journey and always remember why you want to stop every time you get a craving for soda.

If you used to have more than one soda in a day, wean yourself off slowly by taking one soda a day then reduce the amount per week with sometimes not taking any in a day. You may switch to diet soda but fewer quantities in a day. Weaning yourself off will help in having a sustainable change because your taste buds will adjust to less and less sugar with time.  You may keep track of how much soda you are drinking, and this will help you plan on how to cut back.

 Next is to do away with any soda in your home and replace them with healthier options. Stock up with soda alternatives such as green or black tea, or water.  These are much healthier options which will help hydrate your body without adding calories in your body, and they are not harmful.
Always carry a water bottle with you to avoid the temptation of buying soda when you feel thirsty. For some, it will be difficult to take the water because it has no taste, but you may sweeten it with a lemon or an orange and a couple drops of stevia if you miss the sweetness of soda. Water is a healthy option that has no calories, and if you continue taking more water, you will develop a water drinking habit.
It is possible that you may experience withdrawal symptoms when you reduce or stop taking soda, but you will have to persevere. Remember your goal, and with time, these symptoms will go away. Adding Pink Himalayan Salt to your diet can start to replace minerals that soda was leaching from your body and replenish your adrenal glands.
Vegetable and Bone Broths are restorative and can be drank when the need for soda is strong. Detoxing can also help get any chemicals out of your body and help stop cravings.