• Why is Newport Skinny Tea so Effective? And what's Kokum got to do with it?

    The Powers of Kokum Fruit

    Have you heard about the powers of the kokum fruit?

    Have you heard about the powers of garcinia cambogia?

    Most people trying to lose weight may not know anything about the kokum fruit, but they have most likely heard about the weight loss powers of garcinia cambogia. One of the most popular weight loss ingredients in the world right now is garcinia cambogia, which is extracted from the kokum fruit. There are so many different forms of garcinia cambogia supplements and diet aids being promoted all over the internet, because scientific studies are showing it works. Dr. Oz even supports taking some form of garcinia cambogia as an effective method for aiding weight loss.

    The Powerful Kokum Fruit

    Besides reportedly being an aid in natural weight loss, this powerful, sour fruit has antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. The kokum fruit has actually been used in Indian cooking for centuries, because of its incredible ability to improve digestion, prevent infection, and alleviate inflammation. The rest of the world has only recently discovered its powerful ability to promote natural weight loss.  

    Weight Loss Powers of Garcinia Cambogia

    One of the greatest attributes to consuming garcinia cambogia from the Kokum fruit is how it supresses the enzymes in your body that convert excess calories into body fat. This occurs because the hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in the fruit reduces the production of fat while lowering bad cholesterol.

    Kokum in Newport Skinny Tea

    Newport Skinny Tea uses the active ingredients from the rind of the Kokum combined with other healing teas and herbs designed to promote healthy metabolism. Every ingredient in our specially-formulated tea works together to improve your digestion, increase your energy level and prevent your body from converting excess calories to fat. All of these crucial factors are the reason it is so effective for weight loss.

    Weight Loss with Newport Skinny Tea

    Newport Skinny Tea is a complete detox program that consists of a special morning tea blend and an evening tea blend. The morning tea contains garcinia fruit, green tea, oolong tea, lemon peel, peppermint leaf, gingseng, sencha, pu’her, cha de bugre, rose hips, dandelion leaf, sweet cinnamon bark, butcher’s broom, bladderwrack, hawthorne berries, stevia lead, senna leaf, nettle, anise pod, hibiscus flowers, eleuthero, and yerba mate.

    The evening tea blend is made using rooibos tea, lemon grass, rose hips, lotus leaf, dandelion leaf, hibiscus flowers, butcher’s broom, bladderwrack, sweet cinnamon. All of these ingredients promote better health and they are 100% natural. The best part is that Newport Skinny Tea is also significantly more affordable than the majority of other garcinia cambogia weight loss supplements that are promoted online.

    An important note is that the timing of taking Garcinia Cambogia greatly affects its success rate, you need to drink the tea 30-60 minutes before you eat breakfast and lunch. Taking it with food greatly reduces its potency.

    The thought of getting greater metabolism simply by drinking tea may seem too good to be true, but people have been using teas to detox their bodies for centuries. It boosts your metabolism while gently flushes toxins out of your body. Plus drinking tea is a natural appetite suppressant. If you want help with your diet plan, try the Newport Skinny Tea program for a couple of weeks. You will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you see noticeable results.

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  • Why Tea Makes You Feel Amazing!

    Improving Your Body Inside and Out with Newport Skinny Tea

    Iimproving your health requires a holistic approach. You won’t see noticeable progress on the outside of your body until you address your internal health. Improving your body on the inside and outside should always start with fueling it with the necessary ingredients for proper digestion and nutrition. This will ensure your body has the nutrients and energy needed to physically workout and burn fat.

    Newport Skinny Tea

    One of the fastest and most effective ways to fuel your body is drinking Newport Skinny Tea. It has a specially-formulated blend of botanical herbs and healing teas designed to assist in detoxifying your body from the inside out.

    This unique tea blend combines three essential ingredients that work together to cleanse your digestive tract and rid your body off any toxins and excess waste. Newport Skinny Tea combines caffeine, epigallocatchin-3-gallate (EGCG) and L-theanine from the Camellia Sinensis plant.

    Green Tea Caffeine

    Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in over sixty plants. It has been proven to generate body heat using your body’s natural thermogenesis process. Thermogenesis ignites your metabolism and inspires your body to burn fat. It is usually caused by exercise, although the caffeine in coffee or tea generates the same response as if you were working out.

    The caffeine found in Newport Skinny tea comes from green tea, which is safer than taking caffeine pills or drinking coffee. Caffeine in tea doesn’t raise your heart rate during thermogenesis production. It also won’t stimulate your appetite or affect your nervous system like the caffeine found in coffee.

    Epigallocatchin-3-gallate (EGCG)

    EGCG is a chemical compound that acts the same as antioxidants. It defends healthy cells in your body from damaging free radicals, clears your veins and arteries of excess triglycerides, and it is a great tea for stimulating metabolism. It also works directly with the caffeine that is already in Newport Skinny Tea to boost energy levels and improve fat digestion.


    L-theanine is a non-protein based amino acid that fuels a state of alert relaxation. Most people relate it to feeling calm and focused. The L-theanine works in harmony with the caffeine to give you a natural boost of energy without any of the harmful side effects of caffeine pills. Some studies have shown that drinking tea with L-theanine will make it easier to physiologically recover from stress or an intense workout. It also helps regulate hormone production and prevent the storage of fat inside your stomach.

    Organic teas have been used for centuries for their healing capabilities and cleansing properties. Newport Skinny Tea combines the most effective ingredients from herbals teas to recharge your body and your metabolism. This powerful tea will also help to keep you energized and healthy. It will make you feel good on the inside, so you have the outward strength and physical endurance to work out to your full capabilities.

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  • Hidden Ingredients Keeping You Inflammed

    Lately, I've been reading a lot about inflammation and how most disease and weight gain have its root in systemic inflammation that is attacking the body. If you have stubborn extra weight and nagging small health issues, like digestive issues, acne, fatigue and joint pain, you probably are experiencing inflammation in your body resulting from your diet. A doctor can test your C-reactive protein markers and tell you for sure, that is a good place to start.

    Removing the 7 most common reacting foods in the body from the diet will often lead to better health without doing anything else and is a sure sign you have at least one reaction to a food. Often the foods we love and crave the most are the ones we need to stop eating and that are giving us the biggest problems! It's unfortunate that many so called "healthy" foods can be very bad for us in terms of inflammation.

    The most common dietary culprits are gluten, eggs, sugar, soy, corn, dairy, peanuts and artificial sweeteners. Often a detox is just giving the body a rest from these foods and alcohol/caffeine. I'll be the first to admit, these foods are hard to avoid. If you eat the Standard American Diet, you'll probably left with little else to eat. Many of these foods are hidden in other foods, especially corn, soy and gluten. The good news is you can see results and feel better in 2-3 days and know for sure if this will benefit and motivate you.

    I created the eating plan in response to this research, wanting to get super fast results without having to feel constantly deprived of satisfying food. And I was very happy when I learned that tea is the perfect beverage to assist detoxing, it helps remove extra fluid from your tissues and deliver nutrients to tired organs. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that make will be even more beneficial to you if you are eating only healthy food you don't react to, that's what make this detox amazing!

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