What's in my heart right now

I took a bit of time off, I needed to step back and think. And I went to Costa Rica...
Sometimes we need to unlearn things... even things we are sure and crystal clear about. Even things that may have been true for us in the past. I'm not great at unlearning, that's for sure.
I've been really thinking lately about what I want to create in the world and why its important to me. Sometimes I think too much!
I know that there are changes coming for us, I have felt it for awhile.
I care so deeply about improving the lives of women in regards to their wellness, health and optimal body weight & fitness. Part of that is becoming a true solution to solving our nation's obesity epidemic. Yeah, just that little thing...
I want your waistline to feel better, but I also want your life to feel better.
I want you to think more clearly, feel more confident, sleep better and just really break free from food addictions, exercise enslavement and feel SUPER VITAL EVERY DAY.
I've talked about this before... radical transformation in our health, bodies and minds does not happen because you eat 200 less calories or run around the block. (permission to stop running granted)
Healthy eating and exercise do matter, but if you are doing them in resistance to yourself, they actually may be making the changes harder or take longer. You probably aren't doing them as great as you think....
See, we all have identity stories, stories about weight loss, gain and what it all means, how it all works. Yes, calorie deprivation can work sometimes, but the consequences are usually worse than the small victory that's temporarily made.
The stories we believe just aren't accurate. I want to help them evolve.
But changing things is difficult, not only to our ego, but also.. because... well, everything.
The diet and gym industries are $42 Billion a year industries. They aren't interested in you changing the story, by the way.
I don't think most companies are trying to outright deceive people, they are just recycling information we all assume is the correct story... the story we all keep believing. It keeps them selling their products and keeps you locked in the binge-starve cycle.
A lot of new information has been coming to light, information that shows 98% of people who start a new diet and exercise program fail, and gain more weight than they started it with.
Information from around the world that shows TEA is one of the 9 key components of living a healthy, long life. Weird that its not Frappuccinos....
My vision is to be a company that helps women achieve their highest wellness, peak health and optimal body weight & fitness. To help women change their families and end the obesity epidemic. I have 100% faith that we can do this.
My vision is also to help women around the world have more access to drinking water and to help all women help themselves.
I really want to thank you for reading this and I really want to know-- what is your biggest obstacle right now, what do you need help with the most? What stops you from living your best life, what, if it was solved, would change everything for you?
Just hit reply and let me know!
I look forward to sharing our new products and vision with you!
Jennifer XOXO
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