Up For A Challenge This Week?

that buzz word. Ugh!
Yes, I sometimes forget to relax like all other women, because the list of stuff we take care of never stops.
And I love a good bubble bath as much as the next girl, trust me.
But what if this concept of self care is not about taking care of you, but taking 100% responsibility for your life?
I know, its terrifying.
Rest assured, if you are reading this and thinking about this, you are in the top 1% of the 1%. Because so few people in the world think this way... or even consider the possibility that they could take FULL responsibility for everything in their own life.
If this sounds intriguing, then you are my people!
Because a nice bath makes you feel good for an hour or two, right until you start thinking about... the rest of your life that you don't want to do anymore.
Is it possible to live a life where you only do what you want to do? Yes, I believe it is.
It starts with focusing on what you want, minimizing what you don't until its gone and stepping up.
What does that mean? Minimizing what you don't want? Huh?
It means making a plan to deal with removing what you don't want from your life, executing it and keeping it as far away from your feelings and thoughts as possible.
That also means... no drama.
Drama makes us feel very relevant. It makes us feel smarter, needed and our ego loves it.
After all, if you solve other peoples problems, or judge them for having them, you are by default, superior.
Our ego loves to "work" on "helping" because it also gives us do-gooder points. SEE I care!!!!
But drama sucks your time and energy away from your life, drama commands your emotions, because eventually someone will make you upset and then you will have to cope with that negative emotion.
What happens then? You over eat? Drink? Shop? Gossip? Hurt people back.
If you're up for it, I'm challenging you to a no-drama challenge this Thanksgiving week.
Save the drama. Enjoy the holiday! When you are tempted to get involved just take some deep breaths and say Wow! or No, Thanks! Then walk away.
They don't call it a challenge for nothing!
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