Why You Can't Lose Weight: I Blame Netflix

So, I told you to get ready- things are changing! Or are they?
A few years ago a huge uproar was made about a statement that said women were gaining weight because they were vacuuming less...
Yeah, no one cared. In fact, that seems completely ridiculous. and sort of sexist. Right?
Still all expert hands on deck persisted... IF YOU WOULD JUST EXERCISE MORE....
Sigh, I know. Goodness Gracious, no one deserves THIS.
Eat Lettuce all day and when you aren't doing that, just keep running. All. Freaking. Day.
But the reality is that, as TIME magazine exposed, exercising generally makes us eat way more and become way more lazy for the rest of the day.
So here comes another fun fact, there are two type of movement "EAT" and "NEAT."
EAT stands for Exercise Activty Thermogenesis and NEAT stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogensis.
What does this mean?
NEAT is the energy expended for all non sleeping, eating or sporting activity.
EAT is specifically related to energy expended for all sporting activity.
Which do you think counts for more of our total energy expenditure? By the factor of 3?
NEAT accounts for 15% of our energy use and exercise accounts for 5%.
This is why the vacuum comment was made. The bottom line is we need to stand more and sit or lay down less. Using accessory muscles that are recruited for things like cleaning, gardening, laundry or other household tasks makes our bodies use even more energy. Even gum chewing, finger tapping and fiddling count.
Can you imagine how energy much shopping in Forever 21 and squeezing your thighs into 6 different pair of too small for you pants uses??
Exercise is not the calorie fighting super hero we once thought it was, but it does help make us more insulin sensitive, it helps us physiologically, mentally and emotionally. Just don't overestimate its abilities, you should still treat cupcakes like kryptonite. And apparently vacuum like Wonder Woman.
You may even find that stress relieving exercise like walking in nature, yoga and dance more beneficial to weight loss than "hard-core" calorie "burning" cardio.
Well talk about why tomorrow....
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