• How Amazing is Your Future Self? Why Wait to be Her?

    Have you noticed that punishing yourself never works?
    It may work for a while, but eventually it fails.
    Why is that?
    Because we always are heading towards where we believe happiness is.
    We may punish ourselves to go through the hell of being unhappy because we believe its the only path to happiness...
    But, that happiness never really shows up when we are focused on that negative, because we are giving energy to the negative, to the hell, to everything we don't want.
    So, here's a little exercise to help you "see" where you want to go. Imagine yourself already there.
    Then write your now self a letter about how it feels where you want to be. 
    The more specific, the better, what are you doing each day, what are you wearing, what do you look like and who do you see. What does it smell like arnd how does it FEEL???
    I bet you can incorporate some of that magic into your life NOW!
    Love Jennifer XOXO
    PS Summer is almost here, let's make it the best summer ever! Do you have a Summer Dream list? Write that down too! 

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  • Hey You Gorgeous, You Better Love Yourself

    I'm sending you BIG LOVE this mother's day and I'm holding space for you to love your self as much as possible, the more women love themselves and each other, the more this planet becomes a place of love, I truly believe that women healing themselves and helping other women do the same is the key to change on earth. 
    Know that I celebrate you today, as a woman and sacred vessel, a being of love and I see infinite potential within you and infinite happiness available for us. Jennifer xoxo
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    Hey You Gorgeous
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  • Are you being majestic AF?

    Today I want to ask you,
    are you being majestic af?
    If not, its time to cut out any toxic thoughts
    that you don't deserve the life you want.
    If you weren't worthy of it, why would you
    even want it? You are.
    Toxic thoughts can be just as destructive as
    actual toxins in our bodies from food or our environment.
    Remember your cells, all 500 trillion of them,
    are each a conscious being, in constant communication with you, they listen to your
    every thought and they hear your every word.
    Speak love into your body, speak hope into your dreams, believe in yourself-
    that's why I made this new tea,
    its so freaking beautiful- you won't believe it. 
    Connect to more than your limiting thoughts
    and beliefs, connect to who you know you are INSIDE and bring that queen out!
     Purchase any 14 day tea with your sample it's upgraded automatically to a 21 day size! 
    To get your free sample select the 7 day size of Aurora Borealis Violet Dream Tea and use the code "Dream" 

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  • You April Gut Anti-Inflammation Plan Starts Now

    In April I want you to think about your body in a new way, I want you to think about its internal environment.
    Everything you put into your body, every thought you think and action you make affects the chemistry of your body internally. 
    Part of what creates an environment that is having chronic health problems, which is what weight gain is, is the build up over time of repeatedly supplying inflammatory building blocks to it. 
    Weight loss is a by-product of becoming healthier, not the other way around. 
    Even the healthiest people will eventually react to some foods if they are continuously eating them.
    Sadly, many of the foods that are considered the healthiest are actually the ones causing the most problems.
    This is one thing that makes tea so powerful, its highly anti-inflammatory. So if you are eating an inflammatory diet, but drinking tons of tea it will correct some of that reaction. 
    If you are finding it very difficult to lose weight despite cutting calories and exercising more, you may try looking at this list of the foods that expert Lyn-Genet Recitas has found to be the most reactionary (these react in 70-90% of people, listed from highest to lowest): 
    Farm Raised Fish
    Deli Meat
    Sushi (Meat/Rice Combo)
    Hot Dogs
    Pizza Dough
    Tomato Sauce
    Greek Yogurt
    Black Beans or Cannellini Beans
    Hard Boiled Eggs
    Cottage Cheese
    Regular Yogurt
    White or Wheat Pasta
    When you react to a food, your body stores 1-2 pounds of water to buffer your body from them. They also make your body react with pain and inflammation in areas like your joints, back, or in headaches, digestive problems or over-producing histamine so your allergies act up. There could be many different reactions.
    Do you ever feel like you are eating super "healthy" like oatmeal, greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs, oranges and Shrimp salad and find yourself weighing more?
    Also, beware that if your body is inflamed, high intensity exercise can make things worse. If you are exhausted, craving sugar and trying to will power your way through things and getting nowhere, I suggest that you ease up on the exercise and focus on cultivating a relaxation response in more gentle movement. 
    Of course, some people will not react to these foods, the only way to know is to test. You must start with a baseline of neutral foods and then test them one by one. You will know in the morning if you lose or gain weight and how your body feels.
    The other important part of this is that you need to drink about 80 ounces of water or tea between waking up and finishing about 3 hours before bedtime.
    My goal with this information is to help you live in a body that feels amazing, looks healthy and produces balanced mental and emotional health. This is possible for you!

    There is much more to come!
    PS: If you want to try our best selling Newport Skinny Tea or Unicorn Magic Happiness Tea, both are on sale now!

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  • Hey Mermaids- Want a $39 Freebie Today Only!

    Happy International Mermaid Day
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    14 day Mermaid Cove Metabolism tea contains fennel and coriander seeds that help digestion and really helps reverse bloating and gas plus green tea and yerba mate to help your liver detox and rev your metabolism!
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    That's a $39 freebie!!
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    We love you mermaids!

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  • December Challenge Pack + Free Emotional Eating Digital Guide

    Ready to get your cravings under control and find less bloating, less tiredness and more energy?

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    Glow Skinny will keep your skin looking amazing and glowy and keep your digestive system in check. Unicorn Magic helps keep your mood and energy balanced, plus its great for beating sugar cravings. Sea Glass Beach can be used when you really need to look fabulous or after a big night out, it helps expel excess water and beats bloating.

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