Spring Fitness Challenge Day 1

Week 1 Goal: 150 minutes of continuous movement exercise per week

This should include at least 3 30 minute walks


Plus Daily Goal: 1 minute continuous plank

40 squats

10 push ups

I’m going to assume you are at a beginner level, this challenge will get you to a good baseline, if you are more advanced you can increase the goals to challenge yourself. A good habit to start with is looking at your week and trying to figure out where you can fit your daily continuous movement. I don’t suggest doing the whole 150 minute goal at one time, part of what it is doing it training your body to move daily and consistently showing it that you have a need for energy each day. This will help you become a fat user instead of a fat storer.


Your body naturally wants to move, it needs at least 30 minutes of continuous movement per day; this can be shopping, working, walking or cleaning. You can make it functional if you need to. This will increase next week, so make this a top priority. Do not try to do a traditional aerobics workout program if you resist it, or if it makes you very tired, hungry or sore. We do not want your metabolism going further into starvation mode if its barely working right now. We want to just get your body expecting to work each day. If you are healthy, and you feel energized by a program like that, then that is fine.



If you cannot yet meet these goals, start working up to them, when you do them you should push yourself to the point of feeling breathless and hot, with burning in the muscle, that is how we make progress in building muscle, together they should take 5 minute per day, if you are beyond these numbers, then increase them to where you get breathless, or do multiple sets of them.


Start lifting something heavy, maybe this weekend its time to Spring Clean the garage!


What you are doing is making the connection between your nerves and muscles stronger!! Your brain needs to know that you need muscle tissue on your body, muscle is our metabolically active friend, that is always eating calories! It gives us tone, shape and helps our metabolism.


If you feel like it, buy a kettlebell at Target and learn how to do a kettlebell swing on You Tube, this will challenge your entire body in under 10 minutes. Just do enough to feel the hot, burning feeling in your muscles, don’t go too far. Listen to your body, make it feel challenged but not depleted!


I want this to feel invigorating and freeing for you, not like a chore, you know that your mindset matters, so get it right and find a way to make it feel GOOD!