How to Become the Happiest Person You Know

Most people think their happiness comes from their relaxation,
but the truth is, we gain the strongest positive emotional responses from making progress on our most difficult goals.
(I'll remind you here that almost no one has any written goals to start with...)
This is why procrastination on tackling your biggest goals can lead to an increasing unhappiness as the years go by. Our lives begin to have less purpose and fulfillment when we feel less significant and unable to fulfill our dreams.
Would you believe me if I told you that this could completely change in 15-30 minutes a day?
Simply doing three actions per day towards your biggest goals, most days, can catapult your success and happiness into a level most people never feel.
This sound crazy, right?
Here's a simple way to start:
  1. Identify your big goal(s)
  2. make a list breaking it down into 5-10 min tasks
  3. tackle 3-5 tasks per day, repeat tomorrow  
We actually feel intense happiness from taking those three little steps, which leads to what psychologists call "volitional processes," which means self-regulation to stay on task. We basically become our own cheerleaders, cause winning feels SOOOO good!
Being consistent with this effort will take you so far, so fast, you won't believe it, and neither will anyone else around you- who by the way is still trying to figure out why they're not happy!
I truly feel consistency and resiliency are the keys to growth, which will be required when you meet a roadblock or stall once in awhile. If you keep giving up, that takes you right back to the start.
We all have those times, they KEY is to not get STUCK in the unhappiness, don't make it a big story you keep telling everyone.
The positive momentum you build going forward is so powerful, the longer you keep at it the more amazing the wins and your happiness become.
This is the idea behind the Skinny Box,
You know that each month you are going to have support on the way to your goals and it just continues to grow and grow with you!
I want to encourage you to take action and stop procrastinating on getting started on your goals
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I believe in you!
I know you can do it!