Your Fitness is Affected by Toxins in Your Food

GOAL: Remove all trans and hydrogenated fat, all high fructose corn syrup, and artificial coloring


Start to become aware of when you are eating added sugars and preservatives, these chemicals are making your metabolism go haywire, processed foods contain chemicals that are addictive and damage your metabolism. Your metabolism is in charge of how much energy you produce from the fuel you take in, and if you store it or use it, what you put in your mouth profoundly affects how you feel.


Trans and hydrogenated fats and man-made sugars are actually forming a crust around your cells, it makes getting nutrients in and fat burning nearly impossible, this is why they make you feel so tired.  They are also aging you fast and making you more susceptible to disease.


Unfortunately, they are cheap. Real food is more expensive, the US government subsidizes fake foods to make them cheap, but they also make us sick. They are easy to store and last a long time on the shelf, they taste great and satisfy our hunger, but not our body's needs.


You don’t have to stop eating everything you love, but start choosing healthier versions of it, start learning how to make it at home. This is an exercise in learning how to make yourself, your health a higher priority than it currently is.


I personally hate when diet programs expect you to throw away all your food and go buy entirely new pantry full of things you hate to eat, its not realistic, in my opinion. If you are that committed, that’s great. You can learn how to eat to make your body beautiful, healthy and vibrant, it doesn’t happen in one meal, it doesn’t’ happen overnight, but it will happen, if you want it to. Goals matter!


I recommend beginning to buy more vegetables, finding a way to incorporate them into each meal, begin following the bulls eye plan, and begin making healthier choices. The truth is, everyone has a different metabolism, a different starting point and different tolerances. You’re going to have to figure out how much carbohydrates your body can handle, some people have no problem eating starchy carbs, some people have to entirely cut them out of their diet to see progress. The things I suggested removing above aren’t good for anyone, if they haven’t yet damaged your body, eventually they will, because they cause inflammation and make your body’s internal communicate go haywire. Removing them entirely is priority #1.


If you already have a large toxic load, you will not feel great as you start losing fat, as those toxins release themselves into the blood stream when the fat starts being used by body. Epsom salt bathing can help this process, it will help the body release toxins through the skin, as does sweating. I recommend Dr. Teals Epsom Salt Bath with Lavender or Dr. Teals Foaming Epsom Salt Detox Bath Soak.


Fiber and water also help trap the toxins and escort them out of the body.  Several botanicals in Newport Skinny Tea also help this process, but if you feel sick to your stomach, or get headaches, you may ease back a little, eat something starchy, just be aware that its part of the process. Only you know your own health, watch it carefully, listen to your body.


Remember, scientists now say refined sugar is the most difficult drug to quit, do not expect it to be easy, you will relapse. Wheat, if you're trying to quit it,  is also highly addictive, and one of the biggest allergens, you will need a big “WHY” to keep going, do not expect “Willpower” to be enough, you must retrain your body if you are going to quit sugar, this is why the bulls eye diet plan has low glycemic fruit at the end of every meal, our female brains need to have that serotonin download, fruit has water, fiber and vitamins plus natural sugars, don’t overdo it, but do include it.


Here’s the good news, I’ve done it, so I know you can, too. I have 100% faith in you, and it will be worth it. One day you will wake up 100% feeling great, free of mood swings, with reliable, stable energy, free of headaches and able to sleep soundly each night. You won’t feel wired, then tired and wanting to sleep at 3pm every day. You are building a protective fortress around your metabolism, so it will be safe from things that can harm it and serve you well forever!


Jennifer XOXO