Stubborn Weight Loss Part 2- How to Change Your Body

Yesterday I talked about how you get to the point where your body thinks its in starvation mode...When you are in starvation mode, cravings for junk food often get worse because your blood sugar and insulin are being effected, you become less sensitive to insulin, and also your blood sugar is spiking from processed carbs. You may be on a yo yo diet and then think your "willpower" has failed you, but you cannot out willpower your metabolism.  

When you start a calorie restricted diet that has you eat completely different foods it helps because your body can stop reacting to the foods you’ve been chronically eating and your inflammation can settle down a little bit. Usually, the new diet doesn’t contain processed carbs and over the next few days your body will release a significant amount of water weight and will begin to feel much better. But, by the next weekend, you may be back to your old habits (habits are hard to break!) you have trained your body to expect certain foods and it has changed its biochemistry to deal with them, in a certain way its addicted to this pattern. Sugar especially is the hardest substance known to quit!

This is why, in the bull's eye diet plan, every meal is finished with low glycemic fruit, it keeps you from eating things that are much worse! Don't skip it!

Diets usually include foods that increase fiber and try to reduce sugar intake, which helps insulin stay lower, this is crucial to allow your body to start burning fat, when our insulin is consistently high we cannot burn any fat, so even though we have extra energy stored on our bodies, we cannot use it, its essentially locked away.  This is a simplistic explanation of the complex systems your body uses to try to keep you healthy.

This is the same reason juice cleanses work, the body can finally absorb some nutrients because juice requires much less digestion from the body, the digestive system gets a rest and all the offending foods are omitted. Most people cannot sustain a juice cleanse for a long period of time, and though I do think it can be very helpful in certain situations, ultimately I don’t think it’s a long-term solution.


Here is the easiest way I've found to change your diet, you do not have to give up everything you love right away, but eventually you will need to stop eating foods that are causing problems with your body, start going through these steps and you will see cravings lessen and energy begin to return, stick with it and you can transform your body!

1)   Begin drinking tea at before every meal and every time you have a craving, min daily water + tea intake is 60 ounces.  Add a Large salad or vegetable soup or large serving of vegetables to every meal. Eat this first, begin to replace fats like vegetable oil and trans fat with olive oil and coconut oil and butter. 

2)      Begin eating a serving of quality protein to every meal, preferably organic, begin replacing simple carbs with more complex carbs, cutting out wheat products. You may have to omit eggs if you are sensitive to them. Increase water and tea to 66 ounces per day min.

3)      Begin eating low glycemic fruit at the end of every meal, phase out milk based foods for now, you may have coconut milk.  Increase water and tea to 72 ounces per day.

4)      Begin cutting out all liquid sugar drinks, soft drinks and smoothies. If cravings persist have a green smoothie with some protein. Increase water and tea to 80 ounces per day.

5) You can reference the original bull's eye diet plan here

The key in this plan is to realize that you must be a detective and find the foods that are not working with your body. Filling up on veggies and protein at every meal means you are getting tons of water, fiber and protein, these things will curb your cravings! The veggies and the tea will help undo the damage from inflammation and the fruit will keep your brain happy and you feeling full and energized!

Every human is an individual, you will have to find what works for your body, but I know you can do it! It will be worth it!