How Tea Will Make You More Beautiful


Step 1 Drink Tea at Every Meal and Craving


I want to encourage you, even if it doesn’t make sense, to start drinking tea before every meal and every time you start thinking about food. Try to get more sensitive to your body, where you can identify right away when your mind starts drifting towards food.


Yes, it does take some consistency and persistence if you’re not already doing it, but it is really worth it-  Because this step is a quantum leap, why?


If you are eating detrimental foods at snack time, you will stop eating them and in their place you will be taking in anti-inflammatory, healing tea. You will STOP doing damage to your insides, skin and brain and start healing it. Its like stopping a speeding train on a dime and having it start going just as fast in the opposite direction in one move!


That’s a massive switch, it will accelerate healing your silent inflammation, which is partly causing your weight gain. It will accelerate your body’s detoxification and help you lose the water weight. Your bloating will improve, your digestion will improve and your natural energy will increase.


I can’t emphasize enough how much this one step can help you change your diet, use the tea as a crutch. When you are dying for chips or a donut, drink your tea, the craving will pass, seriously, you are in control of these choices. Can you name ONE cravings food you ate last week? Did it really add anything to your life, or did it just distract you?


Make TEA your new distraction!


Use Newport Skinny Tea and any other tea that you want, watch that your caffeine content doesn’t get too high, if your stomach hurts, you feel jittery or other caffeine related symptoms, cut back on the caffeine and use decaf teas or herbal teas.


I know you can make the changes you want to make,

Don't give up, keep working at it, keep reading, keep going!

Jennifer XOXO