When You Eat Enough Protein, This is What Happens

Step 2 Eat Quality Protein at every meal

First of all, let me tell you something I’ve known for a really long time, pound for pound Romaine Lettuce has more protein than Steak…

I’ve never told someone that and had them not questions me and quickly grab their phone and look it up and then look at me in astonishment…

Lettuce is a different sort of protein than animal meat, animal meat has already been formed into flesh by the animal, so we have to dismantle it and reassemble it so we can use it for our own purposes.

So the way I understand it, it is a lot more complex process, that takes a lot longer and leaves a lot of waste.

Of course, most foods you eat contain some protein, but it is important that you get enough to stop you from being hungry all the time. Protein does blunt hunger. Again, you do not need to go over board on protein, but if you tend to eat carbs and starch a lot, try to add some more protein to your meals.

Personally I was a vegetarian for 9 years, I became very ill after this period. There are probably a multitude of reasons for this, and I am neither an advocate for veganism or eating meat. I am an advocate for doing what works and gets you the best health. We are each unique.


From the scientific evidence I have seen, seafood is indicated as the most beneficial protein for the body, but there is a lot of different perspectives… Fish and shellfish high in Omega 3s are balancing to the Omega 6s that are so prevalent in our processed foods. We need them to combat inflammation. Farmed fish and shrimp are not good for us.


Grain fed, industrial grade chicken and beef are regarded as the most inflammatory. This meat is not really beneficial for us humans. This is what is used in any fast food, most inexpensive restaurants and ready-made foods, they are filled with hormones and antibiotics as well. I want to encourage you to begin to step away from these foods. It’s not always possible, but 80% of the time you need to try to stay away from it.

I do not eat soy, but again there is a lot of controversy over this subject. There may be benefits to it,  but in general I regard it as not beneficial. If you eat it as your main source of protein, I encourage you to research it for yourself until you are satisfied that you are making the right choice for you.

There are now some amazingly clean protein powders, such as hemp, pea, brown rice and grass-fed whey that are great choices in smoothies. I would lean towards hemp or grass fed whey protein, because of the Omega 3 content in hemp and the completeness of Whey.
I know you can do it, don't give up, keep going, keep learning!
Jennifer XOXO