Why You Must Eat Healthy Fats

Are you still stuck in the notion that all fat is BAD fat?
We are beginning to learn that this idea is not entirely correct, because certain fats do appear beneficial to our bodies.
Trans fats, which are man made fats, are very detrimental to our health, they directly increase belly fat and heart attack risk. Virtually every packaged product and fast food restaurant will be using this because it extends shelf life of products, it is the #1 thing I would recommend you AVOID at all costs.
Trans fat is usually hydrogenated soy bean oil, the next most detrimental oil is plain soy bean oil. This is what French fries are usually fried in, it is mainly Omega 6 oil, which is essential for humans, but the ratio we're consuming it to Omega 3 oils is causing problems, specifically:
Silent Inflammation,
Which leads to weight gain and disease.
We need to balance our Omega 6 and Omega 3 intake to decrease inflammation in our bodies. Barry Sears, MD recommends using high quality Olive Oil and storing it in the fridge. He recommends fats be 30% of our daily diet. I believe he has been a pioneer in the food industry as a medical doctor who truly cared about how we are living, he has spent years researching this subject and I can't recommend his books highly enough, check them out here: The Mediterranean Zone Diet.
I will once again caution you not to go overboard, if you have been consuming trans fats or soybean, canola or corn oil, begin removing them from your diet. The food that they are in is usually cheap because soy oil is subsidized by the government... so you may find that quality food is a bit pricier. You are worth it!
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Keep Going, You can Do it, You are Worth it!!
Jennifer XOXO