Eat Low Glycemic Fruit After Every Meal!

Low Glycemic Fruit has tons of health benefits- especially the ones we're looking for: water, fiber and nutrients.
Also, it fulfills our desire for sweet taste, which not everyone has. I find that if I eat a very clean meal, I am not satisfied at the end, that is where the magic of the fruit happens, if I eat even a small amount of fruit I feel completely satisfied for a long time.
You may not need fruit at every meal, if you are really finding weight loss a challenge, I would say drop it off your dinner. But watch for night cravings or not being able to sleep, both are signs that you didn't get the right amount of food. Go back and try again.
There was a study done on grapefruits and  weight loss from eating them before a meal, the group in the study that ate a grapefruit before every meal lost significantly more weight than the juice drinkers or the non grapefruit eaters. I do this sometimes because I like it, you can try it too and see if it is satisfying for you. Grapefruit affects medications, so be sure to check with your doctor if you are on any.
Stay away from dried fruits and ones in syrup. Frozen fruit is fine, I find it rather convenient for smoothies or just to have on hand.
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Jennifer XOXO