How Your Life Goals are Destroyed By Lack of Sleep & Worry

Six important goal areas of life that are destroyed by chronic worry and not getting enough sleep, if you want to be healthy, beautiful, slim and full of energy you'd better start by sleeping more:
1. Exercise seems much harder when you are tired, which means you are more prone to skip working out or make your workout less intense. In a "circle of life" type moment, when you exercise at a high level, sleep quality and overall stress levels generally improve. So if consistently exercising is one of your goals, you can start improving this cycle with sleeping more, you're welcome!
2. Hunger Hormones become disrupted and you find yourself much hungrier than when you are well-rested. Usually we don't really notice that these two things are linked, but researchers assure us they are! Again, sticking to a diet becomes much easier when you are getting over 7 hours of sleep per night, remember sleeping in a totally dark room has significant health benefits.
3. Headaches, especially migraines, are more common when you are chronically stressed, sleep-deprived and fatigued, which affects the quality of your life.
4. Your risk for colds and infections shoots up, it seems if you don't make time for adequate rest your body will demand it of you, because your immune system can't defend yourself as well.

5. Blood Sugar regulation is compromised to a startling degree. One study recently published showed when young, healthy men went for only 3 nights without adequate sleep they developed pre-diabetic conditions in their blood sugar!
6. Your metabolism may be hindered by not enough rest, this is of course influenced by other factors we have already discussed, as your body works as a system, its constantly adjusting metabolism. Children are affected by lack of sleep as well, there are studies linking childhood obesity to lack of sleep as one factor.
These important factors are why I'm dedicating this next challenge to relaxation and sleep! Join in, you will find it rewarding to take your relaxation habits to the next level and see great benefits quickly.
Our next Challenge will start April 24th and run through May 6th. It will only be 14 days.
So get ready!!! 
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Jennifer XOXO