May the 4th- Use Your Force

Effortlessness... do you feel it once in awhile?
Do you want to feel it more?
Do you want to be UNSTUCK?
Do you find yourself struggling often to feel like you're successfully keeping up with your life and how you want to live? Do you want to achieve your dream life effortlessly?
Flow is how this phenomenon is described sometimes,  when you mentally synch up your actions with your desires and you flow easily from one activity to the next, effortlessly tackling tasks with no resistance.
In Star Wars this flow is called the force and today, its often referred to as "May the 4th Be With You" day. Okay, yes, I'm a total Star Wars nerd :).
Clarity with your goals and responsibilities can really help bring this state into your life. When we are confused with what we want and struggle to make decisions, when we don't know what we're responsible for and have to constantly wonder about the security we feel in life, this flow is impeded.
Relaxing enough to get in touch with your higher self will help clarify exactly what you feel is missing from your life. The more you know yourself, the more secure you become with your emotions.
Like a Jedi with the exactness of a light saber, you can then cut through all that is blocking you from bringing what you want into your life. The more you use this power, the stronger it becomes and the less others can use your emotions against you.
The best way to enter Flow is to fully engage your mental powers while leaving your emotions out of it. Of course, being well-rested, well-fed and relaxed is the fast track to connecting to Flow.
When we engage our coworkers, family and partners in emotional dramas, constant power struggles and let them take control of our emotions we get ourselves VERY FAR from FLOW. We get STUCK, stuck in a drama whirlpool that we feel its impossible to escape from.
Keeping your focus on one task for short periods of time will increase your flow and effectiveness. Writing these tasks down on a list and checking them off as they're done will also train your brain to love this activity. Your brain counts WINS, it doesn't even care how easy or complex they are.
Working on focused tasks for three periods of 10 minutes per hour is far more productive for most people than trying to work for 60 minutes straight.
Music, novelty and scent are tools people use to bring themselves into focus but it can be anything that really engages your mind. In a sense, it causes the mind to declutter itself and stop focusing on multiple things at the same time. When we divide our attention, our Flow dies down, we feel unfocused and like we're getting nothing done. Ever try to read 3 books at once, clean the whole house at the same time or cook a four course meal all at once. You feel scattered and drained, not focused.
This is why Newport Skinny Tea holds challenges, so you can focus your energy on this certain part of your life during a set period of time. I hope you've been feeling more relaxed during the relaxation challenge, and can start to put your Flow into greater effect in your life.
Our next challenge starts May 9th, you can use the package below. It will be the Summer Body Challenge and will be a focused weight loss Challenge!

Jennifer XOXO