OMG Must Haves: May Skinny Box Subscription Items

Sneak peek in the May
Skinny Box Subscription
This past month we talked about how essential relaxation and sleep are to your health and weight loss. I recommended some products to use in making your home a sanctuary, here's some of the products we'll be sampling in May's box.
Radha Beauty essential oil sampler they are good quality oils to diffuse and also use with carrier oils, especially the lavender is very relaxing. (If you need a diffuser, I like Innogear Aromatherapy's portable auto-shut off diffuser.)
Oskri Almond and Dark Chocolate Pyramid 1 oz Dark chocolate contains magnesium and other relaxing compounds, sometimes you need a little something sweet, this small package is easy to pack.
Veggie-Go's Chewy Fruit & Veggie Snack  an on the go way to make sure you are getting veggies, while its not ideal, its certainly better than fast food or other options like pastries. Easy to store in your purse, great for kids, its veggie leather!
Epsoak Epsom Salt Soak- pure magnesium sulfate, great for absorbing magnesium through you skin, helping toxins exit and general healing.
Our NST BPA-free Fruit Infusing Water Bottle which is perfect for infusing tea or water with fruits to make detox spa water!
Our NST Weightless Blend Essential Oil Rollerball, which is great for using when cravings hit and for relaxation.
These are my Amazon affiliate links, but they are products I really use and recommend.
Jennifer XOXO