Making new habits with tea in the New Year

Looking for a simple (some may say lazy...but let THEM work harder) way to change your patterns for the New Year's?
Start using tea as a reward and comfort beverage, yep tea! There's so many benefits from drinking that have scientific proof, so if you're curious just turn to google- you'll find plenty! But, the most important thing is that you find out that tea is something that can help you easily break habits you want to shed in the New Year!
Depending on cookies or chips or muffins too often? Start drinking tea and you'll find that you're way more energetic and satisfied than being trapped in the sugar cycle that never ends. It can also be very helpful in breaking bad habits like smoking and not exercising too.
Here's some feedback we received about our Malibu Beach Beauty Tea from Tacy, so you can see how tea can be a part of your ritual everyday:
"I have become addicted to this tea! It's become a part of my morning yoga routine. I like to brew it before I start so that it's aroma surrounds me while I'm stretching, and then I know that when I'm done, I get to drink it. The smell is so fresh and sweet, and it tastes amazing!   An added bonus is that though I haven't been drinking it for health of beauty reasons, I have noticed that my skin is looking healthier as well.  Can't ask for better than that!"
So look for ways to build tea into your everyday moments of relaxation until you start to look forward to it, and soon you'll be letting go of all your bad habits!