Its week 1 of our Hot & Lazy boot camp- Shopping List & Pep Talk


Its week 1 of our Hot & Lazy boot camp!

Ready to embrace some easy ways to increase your health AND see some major improvements to your outside too? This is your shopping list and pep talk, each day you will get a detailed explanation of the adventure you will take!

These little daily adventures should take you between 5-20 minutes and cost you less than $10, you can skip or modify any of them as well.

Remember that safety comes before anything else, you must stick to your doctor’s orders and always check first if you have a question about medication you’re on.


Shopping List:

Day 2 Dry Spices, suggested are cayenne pepper, cumin, ground ginger, black & red pepper, coriander seed, fennel seed plus a sealed glass container to store them in

Day 3: Tea: green, black, oolong, puh’er or herbal teas such as ginger, dandelion or fennel or Newport Skinny Tea (you can purchase here)

Day 4: balloons or brown paper bag

Day 5: Epsom Salt, Baking soda, Freshly ground ginger, essential oils of your choice

Day 6: Castor Oil Pack (optional) piece of flannel cloth and castor oil, water proof sheet and old towels or blanket you do not mind getting stained, heating pad is optional


 Pep Talk:

So, this is the start of something special, right now, in this very moment, the chance for you to embrace your inner hotness. Does that sound scary? Or weird? Its not, and when I say embrace, that’s what I mean- because its already there! It doesn’t have to be created or even discovered, you simply must acknowledge your individual hotness.

So yes, this is a challenge to embrace our hotness and possibly our laziness, which does not mean NO discipline or even less discipline, it just means take a break from your traditional thoughts about getting into shape…the drill sergeant that rules your thoughts about how you must be GOOD at all times to be fit, healthy and hot.

Don’t we all have so much to DO and KNOW that we can hardly BE anymore…so many rules about fitness and food?

It’s too much sometimes, I feel its something we’ve forgotten to enjoy anymore. Movement and nourishment are meant to bring us pleasure and health… and that’s what we want in our lives, right?

This is your chance to embrace BEING easily healthy, feeling centered and confident and knowing your worth. Take an easy step each day and you should feel the difference immediately, just let go of the doing and knowing and trust that you are quite beautiful already, so enjoy it.

 Our H&L tea giveaway- each day during the Hot & Lazy challenge we'll be giving away a 14 day Newport Skinny Teatox duo. Simply follow along with the challenge and share a picture on Instagram tagged with our IG name @Newportskinnytea. It can be anything from you drinking tea or relaxing to your glowing skin or healthy food! We want to see your beautiful faces!