H&LBC Day 8 Easiest Meditation

Day 8: Easiest Ever Meditation

I think we all know that meditation is good for you.

Honestly I don't want to hear about meditation's benefits anymore!

Here's the easiest ever way to meditate.

It is cheating a bit, and you can use this procedure to reverse engineer

a way that isn't so like cheating (outlined below).

Directions: Sit down somewhere quiet, turn off your phone, take 100 breaths while counting them

try to think about nothing else. This is cheating a bit, but for you hyper types it gives your mind something to think about.

If you want to get to "real" meditating, then before you count to 100 note the time, after you are done, note how long

it took you. Next time, just set a timer and see if you can clear your mind for 100 breaths.

This practice is especially beneficial to do before eating, as it connects your mind and your body.

This is also a fantastic practice if you are having trouble falling asleep