H&L Girls Bootcamp Week 2 Schedule

This week we have another wonderfully lazy way to get hotter, fitter and happier
with a minimum of time, effort or money.
Here's the schedule:

Day 8 Easiest Meditation

Day 9 Spicy Broth or Juice

Day 10 Cranberry lemonade challenge

Day 11 try a mono meal

Day 12 Add Chia seeds

Day 13 Using tea instead of sugar

Day 14 Clay detox bath

Shopping list for this week:

Spice blend including cayenne pepper (if you did not make your own last week) & vegetable broth or for juicing

Lemons  or lemon juice & 100% cranberry juice (trader joe's has a good no-sugar version)

Fruit of your choice, approx. 1 pound

Chia Seeds

Tea of your choice, no sugar or artificial ingredients, stevia if you like it

Bentonite Clay (find on Amazon here), 100% pure, essential oils