[MBBC] Orange you glad we have more detox tips for you?

Orange + detox
Using color in the Malibu Beach Beauty Cleanse
The orange plate mystery
Research has uncovered a strange fact, if you eat off an orange plate or drink out of an orange mug you enjoy your food up to 30% more! Amazing that color can have such a profound affect on our sense of happiness!
A 30% increase in enjoyment is HUGE, but I have a feeling its not just plates that will do the trick, so this week, try some orange flowers, candles, placemats or even just more orange food to see if you feel more satisfied with your healthy meal!
Of course, orange foods are tremendously healthy! They generally are fall and winter foods, but luckily we can find these foods year round now. They work so well with a detox because they are full of water and vitamins!
Orange foods benefit the eyes and protect the cells, here's a list of 10 healthy foods to eat from the Huffington Post.
Don't forget to add some oranges to your detox water, try them along with mint, cucubers and lemons for a refreshing blend high in Vitamin C.
Don't forget to add orange color & aroma to your detox bath, maybe have a cup of tea and relax for awhile! I use this Kneipp soak almost every night, and I love it! You can find it on Amazon (not an affiliate link).
Orange you glad its a sale?
You can get 20% off any order through Wednesday 4/22 with code "Oranges" at checkout! Remember that our Malibu Beach Beauty Tea has dried orange peels in it!