[MBBC] It's your garden you can grow if you want to

Planting seeds of change
We've given you some basic goals for this beauty cleanse, how are you doing?
Remember, its not easy to change habits, even learning about change is a good start.
Remember small daily actions really do add up to feeling better and it happens pretty quickly!
Start to notice if you have a little more energy, feel just a bit more like going for a walk or don't need quite as much sleep. It happens in small increments, like just craving something better as a snack than your normal junk. We're not really taught to be so receptive to those changes, but they're important.
Our intention in this cleanse is to guide you easily from Spring to Summer while you form better daily choices. So far we've explored: more vegetables and including foods that cleanse you naturally, more liquids and including the color Orange daily! These things can become habits that will benefit you forever.
I will admit, I still have to try to do all of those things above, they don't come naturally to me even though I know how many benefits I'm going to get from them. The Orange color has really been easier than usual lately, so I take every opportunity to tell myself what a great job I'm doing when I succeed. I really want to encourage you to be VERY KIND to yourself during this process, it will make it so much easier.
You don't have to give up every food you love, every bad habit and start hating your life... that's the exact opposite of what we hope will happen!
Today we offer a powerful metaphor, if you want to bloom into someone more, someone who feels better, looks better and enjoys life more- I want you think about planting seeds.
These can be actual seeds in a garden that will produce nourishing vegetables, it can also be seeds of hope and promise you make to yourself that you will begin to live the life you want to live.
Seeds need care, you need care. Seeds are more vulnerable to the elements while they are changing from a seed to a plant with roots, just as the changes you're trying to make can vanish almost instantly if you don't protect them.
Take a moment to think about how you can ensure that these courageous steps of change you are taking into the life you want to lead are protected now. The difference in success or failure for most people is that people who succeed have written goals with definite dates and have shared these with other people.
This may mean you need to write your plans on your calendar and invite others to join you in them, so you are accountable, only you know what you need to do to succeed, make it happen.